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All About The Cookie Cake Co. in Jersey City

by Evelyn Ibarra
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In just a few short months, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way thousands of companies operate in an unprecedented manner. Business owners and employees have been forced to navigate a new normal and stay afloat, and many have succeeded in doing so one such business is The Cookie Cake Co. in Jersey City.  Hoboken Girl met up with small business owner Heather Grabin from The Cookie Cake Co. to find out more about her story, and how she catapulted her talents in the kitchen into a successful cookie business the last few months.

No Stranger to the Industry

cookie cake co jersey city

Heather started her career doing public relations, marketing, food and beverage, and hospitality. In her career, she has opened up properties such as The DoubleTree in Time Square, launched The Bear + The Rat Dog Ice Cream, and worked with leading hospitality brands such as Mr. Purple. 

When COVID-19 hit, the hospitality industry took a huge hit, and she, unfortunately, lost her job of over 10 years. She did not have time to prepare emotionally or fiscally for losing her job or a way to continue to support her family. Heather had two side businesses, Hudson Tea House, and The Cookie Cake Co. The Hudson Tea House is a local farm to table catering service. This business was set up at the HDSID farmers market on Grove Street selling its delicious muffins, cookies, cakes, dressings, chartreuse, and many more gourmet items made with local farm-fresh ingredients. 

cookie cake co jersey city

Heather told HG, “I’ve always had a passion for food and cooking and I always knew that I wanted to open up my very own establishment. Hudson Tea House was a stepping stone to that. I always loved event production and I saw this as a way to do both of the things I loved at once. Unfortunately once COVID came, private events came to a halt and I had to put that project on hold.” 

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Hudson Tea House was about to launch its catering company and event space right before the pandemic. Heather knew she needed a backup to support her husband and two children and out of that, decided to go full speed ahead with The Cookie Cake Co.

The Cookie Cake Co. Coming to Be

After the pandemic hit and all establishments in New Jersey were closed, Heather started pouring her talents into The Cookie Cake Co. The Cookie Cake Co. is handmade customized cookie cakes, baked to order and delivered right to your door. Heather tells HG, “The Cookie Cake Co. has grown significantly over the last six months. The feedback has been amazing and the support from everyone around the country and local has been tremendous. Right now in the kitchen is me and one of my best childhood friends that needed help, and we grew overnight after being featured on Good Morning America.” Heather and her friend do everything from creating new recipes to the decorating of the cakes.

What to Order 

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Customers can choose the size of the cake {8 or 10 inches} and the type of cookie, with options such as chocolate chip, peanut butter, triple chocolate, confetti sprinkle, and red velvet. Frosting options include salted vanilla chocolate, peanut butter, and confetti sprinkles. The cakes can also have extra treats added on {over 40 to choose from} ranging from gold star sprinkles, unicorn chips, candy, cereal, glitter, cookie butter, even potato chips, and pretzels {and much more}. 

The Cookie Cake Co. also offers gluten-free and vegan options for all of its cakes. The cakes can be delivered locally or shipped nationwide, too! 

The business also offers a “create-your-own” cookie pie {only for Jersey City, Hoboken, Bayonne, Union City delivery, or pick-up}. Both the cookie cakes and pies can be customized with fondant or include an editable image or can have an artist create a custom-made edible image. Cookie cake jars are also available by the dozen if you want customized individual cakes for a party or regular cookies are available as well. Another perfect gift option is their Cookie Cake of the Month Club Subscription. With this subscription, you receive one Cookie Cake by the first Friday of every month. Choose from three months, six months, or a year’s worth of cookie cakes. All cakes can be made gluten-free and vegan.

The Future of the Businesses

cookie cake co jersey city

In the past few months, The Cookie Cake Co. has taken off and even been featured on Good Morning America and The Food Network. Heather has continued to grow The Cookie Cake Co. while continuing to lay the foundation to open up a new marketplace on Monticello in the Jackson Hill neighborhood of Jersey City, “The Cottage”. 

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The Cottage will have an outdoor space for small events which is in line with New Jersey’s current outdoor gathering guidelines and will offer a selection of artisanal goods to grab and go or enjoy in its outdoor seating area. The event and food industry is ever-changing due to the pandemic and opening The Cottage gives Heather the ability to be versatile, continue to grow her cookie business, incorporate her farm-to-table skills and continue to be a strong entrepreneur and continue to support her family. 

The cookie cakes are also available in Jersey City at Mordi’s Sandwich Shop, Hudson Green Market, and Dark Side of the Moon. Make sure you check out The Cookie Cake Company and The Cottage once open, too!

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