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Your Christmas Tree Workout Plan {From Bachata & Barbells}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how we can’t wait to workout around you! Vanessa Checchio of Bachata and Barbells here with an awesome holiday decorating workout, that will keep you fighting off the extra cals from Christmas cookies while spreading some holiday cheer. Without further ado, here she is:

It’s officially evergreen season here in Hoboken + Jersey City which means #Christmastree is trending on social media, the smell of your apartment will most likely be at peak condition, and your ‘Spirit O Meter’ should be off the charts. Carrying a Christmas tree up a 4th-floor walkup apartment isn’t exactly eveyrone’s idea of fun, but there are ways to make it into a workout! So lets breathe in that refreshing pine scent, throw on some workout clothes, and keep the spirit and heart rate high with this Christmas tree workout.

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^Vanessa of Bachata and Barbells

1. Tree Deadlifts and Carry {for those back muscles}

Before you can decorate the tree, you have to get it in your apartment.

• Grab a partner, one person grabs the top and the other grabs the bottom of the tree, then dead lift it up to hip level.

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Breaking down the deadlift:

Keep your back straight by rolling your shoulders back and staying tight. Bend you knees enough that you can grab the trunk while keep your arms straight. Once you have it in your hands, stand straight up by putting the weight into your heels and keeping your upper body tight.

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2. Overhead Light Holds {for those shoulders}

You got that baby into its new home and let it relax a little, now it’s time for it to get lit.

• Grab a strand of lights, and start at the top of the tree working down. Hold lights overhead while placing the on the branches and shuffling around the tree. When it’s time to get a little bit lower, bend your knees, but make sure to keep your arms up! You’ll start to feel that burn very soon.

3. Squat Hold with Those Ornaments {for the booty, of course}

The tree’s lit — now lets give it some personality. We’re starting from the bottom this time.

• Grab about 10 ornaments and start at the bottom of the tree. Lower yourself into a squat position and hold that position while you place ornaments around the tree. If you need to move, shuffle over while holding the squat position. Repeat as many times as needed to get the whole tree {and feel that burn}

Breaking down the squat hold:

Bring your feet shoulder width apart, sit back into your heels while you squat keeping your chest up and knees out.

4. Thrust Those Ornaments Up High

Started at the bottom now we {lets get those ornaments up} here.

• Grab another 10 ornaments that are meant for the top branches, drop down into a squat then quickly stand straight. Once you’re at full extension, use the momentum from your hips and press your arms up to place the ornament on the tree until it’s shining bright.

5. Around the Skirt Planks

Now that the tree’s almost decorated, let make sure she’s dressed.

• Come into a full plank position making sure your shoulder are stacked over your elbows and wrists. As you hold this position, fluff the tree skirt and shuffle in this plank position until it’s completely covering the tree stand.

6. Step Ups for the Star

Last but certainly not least, lets dress the tree up with the crown it deserves.

• Whether it’s a bow, star, or picture of your pet to top off the tree, grab it as well as a step stool. Step onto the step with one foot then the other and place that thing on top.

Now that your tree is poppin wit holiday spirit, the last thing you have to do is sit back with your loved ones, grab your favorite holiday cocktail, and admire your work both physically and on the tree!

Head to our IG @HobokenGirlBlog to see Vanessa take over IG in real time on Christmas Eve Eve.

Putting it all together:

– 1 Deadlift and carry up a flight of stairs.
– 10 Christmas light overhead shoulder presses
– :30 second squat hold decorating the bottom of the tree
– 10 Ornament thrusters
– 1 Full skirt plank rotation
– :30 seconds worth of step ups for the star.

…and a partridge in a pear tree.

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