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3 Adoptable Dogs: Chihuahua, Shih Tzu, + Mini Pin Looking for Homes

by Samantha Impaglia
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Meet Eggnog, Nellie, and Radish — three dogs that are looking to be adopted in the North Jersey area. While each of these pups have different personalities, they are all looking for a loving forever family to spend the rest of their lives with. Read on to learn more about Eggnog, Nellie, and Radish, and how to adopt any of these dogs from Wise Animal Rescue.


Wise Animal Rescue


Name: Eggnog

Breed: Chihuahua

Age: 2

Weight: Approximately 4 pounds

Ideal Home: Eggnog gets along with everybody and would love to have a family who is around more often than not. He does great with other dogs and would thrive with having a doggy sibling.

Kids: Due to his small size, above the age of 13 only.

Dogs: Yes — he loves other dogs and is currently being fostered with two other dogs and plays with them all day long. He would to have a doggy sibling in his forever home.

Cats: Yes — Eggnog is unbothered by cats.

Crate-Trained: He is currently not being crated in his foster home and is nondestructive when left alone.

House Trained: Working on it — Eggnog will have an occasional accident or try to mark his territory.

Leash manners: Eggnog could use some practice on a leash.

Personality: Eggnog is outgoing and loves to be the center of attention. He may be small, but he has plenty of spunk to make him stand out in any crowd. His tail is constantly wagging and he always wants to be wherever the action is. He loves to receive belly rubs and play all day with his doggy foster siblings.

Why he was brought to the rescue: Eggnog was surrendered to the rescue due to a change in living circumstances.

For Eggnog’s adoption information, click here.

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Wise Animal Rescue


Name: Nellie

Breed: Shih Tzu

Age: 10

Ideal Home: As Nellie is a sweet senior soul, she would do best in a quiet home where she can get lots of attention and love.

Dogs: Yes — Nellie loves taking naps with her doggy friends and will occasionally play with them.

Cats: Yes

Kids: Since Nellie is in her golden years, a quiet home with kids above the age of 16 would be best.

Crate-Trained: Yes — Nellie enjoys taking naps in her crate and will go in on her own.

House Trained: Yes — Nellie is on a consistent schedule and rarely has an accident. She usually will go to the door when she has to go out.

Leash Manners: Nellie loves to go on short walks and strut her stuff. She does great on a leash.

Personality: Nellie is very easygoing and the perfect loyal companion. She will spend most of the day being close to you or finding a nice spot in the house to nap. She enjoys relaxing inside and being in people’s and dogs’ company. Nellie is a couch potato but does enjoy her short daily strolls to get some fresh air. She loves treats and aims to please. Nellie is very gentle and quiet.

Medical: Nellie is on prescription food for Kidney disease.

Why she was brought to the rescue: Nellie was rescued from an overcrowded shelter.

For Nellie’s adoption information, click here.

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Wise Animal Rescue


Name: Radish

Breed: Miniature Pinscher

Age: 1

Weight: Approximately 10 pounds

Ideal Home: Radish would do best in a home that will work on building his confidence and giving him the time he needs to come out of his shell. He must go to a home with another dog to help show him the ropes.

Dogs: Yes — Radish loves other dogs and is currently being fostered with multiple. He would thrive on having another dog in his future home. He could play with them all day long.

Cats: Yes

Kids: As Radish would do best in a quiet household, ages 13+ only.

Crate-Trained: Radish is currently not being crated in his foster home and instead is kept in a gated area.

House Trained: Working on it.

Leash Manners: Radish pulls at first but eventually settles down and does well. He is practicing getting used to it more and more each day.

Other training: Radish had little socialization before coming to WISE due to his past life. He needs a patient, understanding family who will work on his training and socialization. He is very treat motivated.

Personality: After spending his whole life in a cage, Radish is looking for a loving home that will teach him that the world is a good place. He is gradually coming out of his shell and learning the fun things about being a dog. He is starting to enjoy pets and cuddle time on the couch. Radish LOVES playing with other dogs and that is when his fun, playful personality shines. He is an active pup and enjoys exploring the house.

Why he was brought to the rescue: Radish was rejected by a pet shop and was to be returned to the mill where he was destined to be destroyed. WISE wasn’t going to let that happen and took him into their program.

For Radish’s adoption information, click here.

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