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West Hoboken isn’t flooded with as many stores as east Hoboken {i.e. Washington Street, etc} is, but — quality over quantity. That’s where Cheese + Wine comes in. Located at 720 Monroe Street {the bottom floor/street level of the Monroe Center}, this little treasure of a shop is filled to the brim with fermented grapes, dairy, and other deliciousness. It’s basically a hostess’ dream — cheeses, wine, craft beer, dark chocolate, baguettes, and other servable crudites. Keep reading to satisfy that cheese + wine craving.

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Says Cheese + Wine about the aging process of cheese:

Aging cheese is a complex endeavor, which requires particular conditions of temperature and humidity. It also requires the care of craftsman’s eye, which recognizes the nuances that happen to an aging cheese and a craftsman’s hand, which applies various techniques that allow the cheese to develop its maximum flavor.

There is a certain point in time where a cheese will reach its height of flavor (“au point”)…. what that point is can be a highly subjective issue of debate. So for that reason, we will select a cheese for you that will match your idea of what “au point” is.

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The owners are very dedicated to the store — which is evidenced by the interesting array of hand-picked cheeses and wines. Some are cheeses imported from Italy and France, but some are also made locally — including from local farms in Lawrenceville, NJ. Here is a list of their current cheese selection: Cheese + Wine Cheeses.

The best part of coming here is that you get to sample the cheeses before you buy  so much better than blindly picking some cheese up at Shoprite {guilty as charged}. The cheeses recommended by the staff are absolutely delicious — and it’s based upon which wines you are hoping to drink that evening {or you can start with the cheese and pair the wine} — totally up to you.

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Baguettes from Choc-O-Pain {in downtown Hoboken} are a nice little addition. Tapenades and prosciutto don’t hurt either.

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What is a little wine and cheese party without a little prosciutto di Parma? Fig and olive crackers and cranberry hazelnut crackers are a definite possibility for the bottom half of that curated Italian goodness on the top half.

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Other finger foods that are perfect for a hostess’ snack bowl include marcona almonds, dried cranberries, Turkish apricots, walnut pieces, and black figs. These are available by the pound — a bit pricey, but totally worth the treat. Perfect toppings for spreadable cheese on a Choc-o-Pain baguette. By the way — you can even order a gourmet sandwich. {Meat + cheese + bread = yes plz}.

Wine is the obvious other half of this store that we’ve barely touched upon: Cheese + Wine offers an eclectic selection of thoughtfully handpicked wines and craft beer. They also have a good amount of refrigerated provisions and cheese that are actually aging right then and there, and….drumroll: they also do wine and cheese classes monthly. Learn to pair the appropriate wine to your cheese {harder than you’d think} + sample some of the delicious delicacies the store has to offer. For more info, visit their website.

Overall, this is quite the hidden gem in West Hoboken and definitely worth a trip off of the beaten path to get some supplies for your next dinner party. Quite inspiring and exciting to be in a store chock full of wine, cheese, and chocolate — for some, it may be all of your vices in one spot.

Have you been to Cheese + Wine? What did you think?

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