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Busy Bee Organics Owner Michelle Berckes Shares Her Quarantine Tips

by Jen Gonzalez
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Busy Bee Organics is known for their healthy, organic, and gluten-free grab-and-go meals + snacks as well as their weekly delivery meals. Owner Michelle Berckes is a certified nutritionist and natural food chef who designs each nutrient-dense recipe to be both nutritious + delicious. Lucky for us, Michelle was able to share with us how she is staying sane while working through the quarantine. {And yes, Busy Bee Organics is taking orders!}

Busy Bee Owner

How do you stay healthy and not go stir-crazy during a quarantine? 

Staying healthy these days is so much more than it used to be. Now it includes drinking warm ginger and lemon daily, if not multiple times a day, taking my vitamins, washing my hands as often as possible, carrying gloves at all times, and making sure I am rested so I can produce healthy food options for the community. I am anything but stir-crazy at the moment as I have 1 employee and myself cooking all of our meals {we usually have four others who assist in the kitchen}. When I do take some “me” time, I have been thoroughly enjoying new quarantine friendly downtime activities such as playing guitar, enjoying time with my pup, walking/hiking outside, and I even bought a cheesy $10 puzzle from a heavily picked-over Target toy section and I’m looking forward to starting that this weekend. 

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What have you been eating? Any recipes to share?

I have been bringing home Busy Bee every day from work to keep me healthy as well as stocking up on some “treats” I normally wouldn’t make the time to enjoy — I recently bought corn kernels and am excited for some homemade popcorn!  

Here is a recipe on how to make ginger juice, which is great for breaking up any mucosal membranes in your lungs.

-1 cup rough chopped ginger root {washed but not peeled}

-1-2 cups clean water

Throw into a high-speed blender until it purees and then strain over a fine-mesh strainer or cheesecloth. Save the juice and discard pulp. Use that juice in water or as a shot twice a day. It’s great for digestion and to break up phlegm. You can also add lemon, honey, and hot water for a great drink to sip on. This will also keep for two weeks in your fridge or you can freeze for longer shelf life.

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{Photo via @busybeeorganics}

What is a self-care tip you can easily do at home with no equipment? 

Take a minute and look for the beautiful things. Honestly, just slowing down and having gratitude for the things you do have during this time rather than what you are missing out on can be really helpful. Maybe you are happy to be home with your family or maybe you are glad you live alone {shout out to all the homeschooling parents}. Flowers are starting to bloom — take a minute to look at and appreciate the beauty. Appreciate the changes that have come or are coming your way.

How do you destress during the hysteria? 

I am looking for the positive coming from this — community bonding even though we’re apart, down time, family time, and all the hilarious memes — just looking for a laugh where I can get ‘em! Also, more time with the pup and I’ve been picking up my guitar as well. 

What product do you admit to stockpiling? 

Ginger and lemons. Oh, and mason jars, ya know, for storing all the juice.

Are there any online exercises you recommend? 

I love JANE DO and I love Aaptiv, which is an audible app rather than visual. But there is a coach in your ear and there are specified programs. 

What have you been able to creatively recreate from your daily routine at home? {ex. workout routine, self-massage, facial, etc}

Fortunately, my daily routine hasn’t been shaken as much as others. I do miss being out with the community getting a cup of coffee at a cafe before walking the dog but I bought a French press and I’m making it at home. I have been working out at home and outside rather than the gym as well. 

Favorite local businesses you can’t wait to reopen {and currently support from afar}?

I can’t wait to go back to EC Beauty, Erin Kumpf Acupuncture & Herbs, The Cliff, om.life wellness, and just being able to grab a coffee or drink anywhere locally. 


Have any of your own quarantine tips? Let us know on insta @TheHobokenGirl!


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