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Rumble Hoboken and Prime Cycle + Body Partner to Provide Exclusive Membership

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Especially post-pandemic, more individuals are prioritizing their health and wellness by investing in whole foods and sustainable exercise regimens. To help the Hoboken community reach peak health, Rumble Boxing Hoboken, located at 1202 Shipyard Lane, and Prime Cycle + Body, located at 86 River Street in Hoboken, are partnering to provide members of each studio an exclusive membership. Members will be able to access different types of workout classes in each of the Hoboken studios. Read on to learn more about Rumble Hoboken and Prime Cycle + Body’s partnership, including how members can access this unique opportunity and kick-off events.

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^ Owners Julie Insogna-Jarrett from Prime Cycle + Body and Irina Kapetanakis from Rumble Boxing Hoboken

About the Two Women-Owned Businesses

Both of the Hoboken workout studios are owned by inspiring women who seek to support other women-owned businesses in the Hoboken community. Irina Kapetanakis, owner of Rumble Boxing Hoboken, and Julie Insogna-Jarrett, owner of Prime Cycle + Body, said their ultimate priority is to help members maintain their health and provide access to other fitness modalities.

Located in Uptown Hoboken, Rumble Hoboken hosts boxing classes for members of all levels of expertise, from novice to professional with classes typically lasting around 45 minutes. Rumble trainers are motivational and supportive, the music is upbeat and invigorating, and the vibes are immaculate.

“I never say I just own a gym; my overarching goal is to establish a strong community because, at the end of the day, it’s the essence of what I want to accomplish,” said Kapetanakis. “Rumble Hoboken is a place where people can work out without judgment while making new connections that thrive even outside of the studio. The collaboration with Julie and Prime is truly exciting because it is yet another testament to the welcoming and cooperative nature of this community.”

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Prime Cycle + Body, located in Downtown Hoboken, runs various types of workout classes, including cycle, barre, pilates, strength, HIIT, dance, and yoga.

Kapetanakis and Insogna-Jarrett share the mantra of “women support women,” which is the driving intention behind joining forces to provide Hoboken residents with affordable and exclusive workout classes both uptown and downtown.

“Irina and I have a long-standing friendship that started years ago when Prime Cycle opened Uptown,” said Insogna-Jarrett. “Her fierce entrepreneurial spirit feels very similar to mine, so I couldn’t think of a better partner to launch this incredibly unique opportunity for the Hoboken community. I truly believe that when women support women, the most extraordinary things can happen; and the Rumble Hoboken collab with Prime Cycle + Body is exactly that: extraordinary.”


Partnership Details and Unique Deals

Both Kapetanakis and Insogna-Jarrett aim to cultivate a supportive and collaborative business culture rather than a competitive environment to best serve their community. They liken their partnership to a “Classpass for Hoboken,” providing each other’s members with a chance to change up their typical workout routines.

“Prime Cycle + Body has been a staple in the Hoboken fitness community for almost a decade,” said Insogna-Jarrett. “We constantly strive to create unique opportunities for our members knowing that their fitness needs are always evolving. We know that there are many fitness options in our square mile, so creating a partnership with a powerhouse brand like Rumble is an incredible way to give the community access to just about every modality imaginable.”

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Here’s what members can expect from the partnership:

  • All unlimited members of Rumble Boxing Hoboken can purchase a four-class monthly membership to Prime Cycle + Body for $50 (50% discount).
  • All unlimited members of Prime Cycle + Body can purchase a four-class monthly membership to Rumble Boxing Hoboken for $50 (55% discount).
  • Members of the home studio may use their add-on membership for any class at the guest studio.
  • All members will receive exclusive access to member-only events hosted by Rumble Boxing Hoboken and Prime Cycle + Body, including tag team classes with head trainers, Anthony Crouchelli and Ali Foglia.

All four-class memberships auto-renew and you can sign up for your add-on membership at any time by showing proof of your unlimited status through your app or an emailed/texted screenshot.

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purchase a membership

Kick-Off Event Schedule + How to Join

To celebrate the new partnership, Rumble Boxing Hoboken and Prime Cycle + Body are hosting a kickoff event this Saturday, June 3rd. The morning will start off with a 45-minute Prime Class with Ali F at 10:45AM, followed by a one-mile walk/run to Rumble Hoboken. Eventgoers will then take a 45-minute Rumble class with Anthony C at 12:30PM. Post workout, there will be a brunch celebration at Rumble Hoboken and all participants will receive a free T-shirt.

To reserve a spot at Rumble Boxing Hoboken and Prime Cycle + Body’s kick-off event, you can call or text Rumble Hoboken at 201-523-6175 and provide your name, phone number, and email address.

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Rumble Boxing Hoboken is located at 1202 Shipyard Lane in Hoboken. For client inquiries, call 201-523-6175 or email [email protected].

Prime Cycle + Body is located at 86 River Street, 2nd Floor in Hoboken. For client inquiries, call 201-683-6956 or email [email protected].

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