New Vietnamese Restaurant, Bon Banh, Opening in Hoboken

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There is a new Vietnamese restaurant coming to Hoboken this winter. Named Bon Banh, the fast-food eatery is taking over Stacks Pancake House at 506 Washington Street. Although it’s still in its preliminary stages, Hoboken Girl has learned exclusive details of what customers can expect upon opening. Read on to learn more about Bon Banh.

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How Bon Banh Came to Be

The name of the restaurant has some significance. “Bon” means “good” in French and “Banh” comes from the popular Vietnamese food, Banh Mi sandwich, which is usually served on a baguette. The name was coined by the owners Tony Kim and Kathy Kim, who told Hoboken Girl, “Vietnamese food is influenced very heavily by the French culture so we thought it tied in nicely with the restaurant.”

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The husband-and-wife duo from Cresskill, NJ have been eyeing the location for quite some time. Things took a turn while dining in Hoboken one day in August.

“It’s a funny story. We were looking for a while in Hoboken, but as you know it’s a very tough place to find a location for a business, so we kind of gave up on the idea and we started looking elsewhere,” Kathy, a former finance business manager, says. “But one day, we were walking around and we walked past Stacks and we finally saw a number on the window and we called it. The next day we went to go look at it, and that’s how we got it.”

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Stacks Pancake House & Smokehouse BBQ had been vacant for about a year. The rumor was that there was a dispute between the previous owner and the landlord, which is why it took a while for the space to become available. To this day, the sign remains up but will be removed once the new owners begin renovation very soon.

About Bon Banh

Before Bon Banh, the Kims owned a deli in New York City called Angela’s Sandwich Shop, which was located at 1428 6th Avenue. Due to Covid-19, the owners, who have been in the food business for 12 years, were forced to close down the shop in March 2021.

“My husband always had an interest in the food industry. He took over an already established deli in the city and made some changes to it to make it his own, which is how Angela’s Sandwich Shop came about,” Kathy shares. “It was doing very well but unfortunately we had to close it because it was impacted heavily by Covid.”

angelas sandwich shop nyc

(Photo credit: @angelassandwichshop)

The inspiration for Bon Banh came from Angela’s Sandwich Shop.

“We did Banh Mi sandwiches at our place in NYC. It did very well, so we just kind of took that idea and brought it over to Hoboken,” Kathy says. “We thought we can take the Banh Mi sandwich and do something where we can incorporate more Vietnamese food and bring it to Hoboken.”

Bon Banh’s Beachy Vibe

The menu at Bon Banh’s is still being constructed, but the Kims have a good idea of what will be included. They shared with Hoboken Girl that in addition to Banh Mi sandwiches, there will be summer rolls and rice bowls.

bon banh spring rolls

“It’s going to be like a choose what you want in [the dishes] and we’ll make it on the spot. It’ll sort of be like an assembly line like Chipotle. It’s quick-serve style, casual dining,” Kathy says. “People can come in, order their food at the counter, and then they can take it to go or dine in. Seating will be available.”

The owners mentioned there will be “something for everyone,” including various meats like “pork, shrimp, chicken, and beef,” as well as “vegetarian, tofu options.”

As far as the décor, Bon Banh will be blue-themed and have a “beachy vibe with an Asian influence.”

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Coming Soon

 The owners say that “if everything goes as planned,” Bon Banh should be opening mid to late December.

“We’re so excited to finally be able to secure a spot in Hoboken. We love the energy, the people, the whole vibe. We’re just excited to be there,” Kim lastly adds.

Bon Banh currently does not have a website or any social media, but the owners are working on having everything up and running in a short period of time.

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