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7 Must-Order Appetizers at Popular Downtown Jersey City Restaurants

by Lauren
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Sure, we all love a great meal, but the generally overlooked appetizer or side dish is where foodie dreams come true. Chefs often use small plates as a way to tease your tastebuds with a dish that may be too decadent or heavy for a full entree, but is pure perfection in a smaller serving. So, whether you are sharing with friends or enjoying these mini dishes solo, we’ve rounded up some of the yummiest small plates in Jersey City that you definitely should not skip.  


Roman Nose – Meatball Bowl/Meatball Side:

If you haven’t been here yet, do yourself a favor and check it out. And while you’re at it, get a side of the meatballs {fair warning, you’re going to want at least 2 for yourself}. Any true Italian will tell you they are at least as good as their Nana’s, if not better. Sorry, Nana.  

Dullboy – The Board:

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Vepo Clean

^Nothing dull about this drink to go with little bites at Dullboy

This offbeat little place tucked away on Grove Street offers a varied menu with a creative take on familiar dishes, and their appetizers are no exception. With a recently changed menu, The Board is enough to share between 2-3 people and includes house-made hummus, toasted naan, an awesome cheese assortment, and their delectable pickled vegetables.   

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Talde – Yuzu Guacamole:  

This yummy app includes ham and fresh guacamole spread on little rice crisps {toasted to perfection and bursting with flavor} all in one scrumptious bite. The plate is big enough to split between two, but if you are looking for a bigger appetizer for your party, the Kung Pao Chicken Wings with buttermilk ranch dressing have the right balance of spice and are so worth checking out.

Porta – House-Made Mozzarella (or Ricotta):  

This homemade cheese is seasoned with EVOO, sea salt, and black pepper and served alongside fresh bread for dipping. With an elasticity and texture that is juuust right {if you’ve had homemade mozz before, you know the type}, followed by a deliciously salty and fresh taste, this dish makes for a great starter to your meal. Simply put, you’d marry this cheese if you could.  

Barcade – Deviled Eggs:

^Apps + games = fun.

These aren’t your typical picnic-style deviled eggs, these are gourmet and delicious! A great small plate to complement any of the enticing sandwiches offered at Barcade {or the nachos, another favorite}, these little devils are not to be missed.

Hopscotch – Crispy Goat Cheese Balls:

Combine crispy and goat cheese in the same sentence and you’ve won our heart. These cheese balls are perfectly fried and come with a side of roasted plum tomato garlic relish for savory dipping. The combination of crunchy breadcrumbs and gooey goat cheese makes for a sublime starter app.

Fire and Oak – Sushi:

Technically, this could be a meal on its own OR an app to go along with a burger or sandwich. But either way, the sushi here is on point. Check out the traditional spicy tuna roll or the slightly more exotic coconut shrimp roll. Not the sushi type? The Tuna Tartar Tacos are definitely a notable honorable mention at this restaurant as well.

So, if you’re not quite feeling a huge meal that requires your special eating pants, check out some of these delightfully mini masterpieces. Do you have a favorite spot for small bites? Let us know!


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