The Best Sangria Spots in Hoboken

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Ahhh sangria. This fruity tropical drink never gets old and could be enjoyed all-year-round. However, if you’re not feeling like mulling wine, cutting up fruit, and waiting several hours for it all to soak in, there are a few spots in town that you can get your ‘gria fix. Read on for the best spots in Hoboken for sangria:

Charritos {518 Washington Street}

charritos hoboken sangria

Need a place to bring your friend’s cheap wine? Just BYOW {or tequila} and they’ll make you a pitcher of sangria {or margaritas}.

Il Tavolo Palmisano {700 Clinton Street}

Il Tavolo Palmisano serves up some of the best, strongest {yet smooth} sangria in town. It pairs well with any pasta dish on the menu.

La Casa {54 Newark Street}

This Latin-fusion joint will make a pitcher of Sangria if you bring your own wine. The recipe includes pineapple, apple, orange, grape, mango, agave nectar, and sprite.

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Lola’s {153 14th Street}

Specializing in tapas, this Spanish restaurant offers red and white sangria. Patrons can’t go wrong with either flavor!

Mikie Squared {616 Washington Street}

Sundays it’s $10 for a pitcher, and you really can’t go wrong. Top that off with some sustenance during brunch and it’s a party.

Onieals {343 Park Avenue}

onieals sangria

The white peach sangria is a must-try when dining here. The glasses are huge, which is fun because some places skimp you by adding lots of ice in a skinny glass.

Pier 13 {1301 Sinatra Drive}

pier 13 hoboken

Enjoy the frozen red sangria at this outdoor bar. Walk over to the food trucks parked alongside the bar for yummy eats to pair with the drink.

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The Cuban {333 Washington Street}

the cuban

A favorite restaurant in Hoboken, The Cuban’s sangria is seriously delicious. They add a little sugar and extra fruit which always makes everything taste better.

The Ainsworth {310 Sinatra Drive}

This frozen watermelon sangria drink is very refreshing and comes with a waterfront view.

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