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This Jersey City Health + Wellness Clinic Guarantees You’ll Be Seen in 10 Minutes

by Hoboken Girl Team
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This article is sponsored by Harborside Sport & Spine.

People with chronic pain sometimes struggle to find a wellness clinic that provides multiple holistic services in the same location. Luckily, Harborside Sport & Spine, located at 75 Montgomery Street Suite 603 in Jersey City, specializes in back pain treatment, spinal decompression therapy, regenerative medicine, acupuncture, massage therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and chiropractic care. This integrative health + wellness clinic opened in Jersey City 18 years ago and the experienced local team continues to provide a variety of natural and cutting-edge pain management treatments all at the same clinic. Keep reading to learn more about Harborside Sport & Spine and the clinic’s available services in Jersey City.

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Harborside Sport & Spine’s Ten-Minute Promise

The team at Harborside Sport & Spine values each patient’s time and understands that the last thing people in pain want to do is sit in the waiting room. The team at Harborside Sport & Spine works hard to help patients stay on schedule by following the ten-minute promise.

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Patients who arrive at the office on time for a scheduled appointment are guaranteed to be seen by a Harborside Sport & Spine staff member within ten minutes.

“If you show up on time for your appointment you will never wait more than 10 minutes, however it’s more like 5 minutes,” founder Dr. Dave Sylvester told The Hoboken Girl.

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The Harborside Sport & Spine team knows that everyone is busy + the ten-minute promise is just one way that the team fulfills its mission to treat each patient effectively and efficiently.

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Available Services

This integrative health and wellness clinic in Jersey City treats people with many different musculoskeletal conditions. The experienced providers use a variety of treatments to help heal the body naturally.

Anyone dealing with pain can schedule a comprehensive consultation at Harborside Sport & Spine to discuss potential treatment options with a healthcare professional. The team will conduct an evaluation and take X-rays before making a treatment plan. Some of the available services include:

Massage Therapy  

Massage therapists at Harborside Sport & Spine can relieve pain and tension throughout the body. Patients can pick the background music so they will feel more comfortable during the treatment.

Treatment room with plush benches

Spinal Decompression

This non-surgical treatment for herniated discs that cause sciatica helps relieve back pain + spinal cord pressure. Experienced physical therapists use motorized traction to gently stretch a patient’s back and neck, relieving the pain.


The Harborside Sport & Spine team includes Dr. Jason Yuan, ND, L.AC, a dual-licensed board-certified naturopathic physician and acupuncturist. Dr. Yuan provides acupuncture treatments to help patients manage chronic pain, injuries, diseases, biochemical imbalances, and physiological conditions.

Provider conducting chiropractic treatment on patient

Chiropractic Services

Board-certified chiropractors can help patients manage back, neck, shoulder, pelvic area, ankle, hip, knee, wrist, or elbow pain without medications or surgery. Anyone experiencing pain can set up an appointment with a chiropractor to discuss available treatments like soft-tissue therapies, exercises, or spine and joint manipulation.

Regenerative Medicine

Harborside Sport & Spine recently started providing regenerative medicine, a holistic approach that encourages the body to heal itself with natural + cutting-edge treatments like PRP and Umbilical Allografts. IV nutrition, a popular regenerative medicine treatment, lasts 20-60 minutes and encourages the body to absorb quality vitamins + minerals straight into the bloodstream.

Arm receiving IV treatment


All About Harborside Sport & Spine

Dr. Dave Sylvester started Harborside Sport & Spine 18 years ago in Jersey City. The clinic has been in the same location ever since and Dr. Sylvester — who specializes in chiropractic services, massage therapy, physical therapy, + acupuncture — continues to serve patients in the community.

Provider conducting therapy treatment on patient

“I’ve practiced in Jersey City for 18 years and it has changed for the better, it has really evolved into a modern city while still maintaining its charm. It has so much to offer for all of its communities.” Dr. Sylvester said.

Dr. Sylvester leads the Harborside Sport & Spine team of dedicated healthcare professionals with chiropractors, physical therapists, nurse practitioners, and occupational therapists. The entire team is focused on creating a friendly environment for everyone who walks in the door.

“I measure success if patients are thriving and staff is happy and we maintain an upbeat environment,” he said.

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Harborside Sport & Spine is located at 75 Montgomery Street Suite 603 in Jersey City. You can call 201-433-1955 or email [email protected] with questions.

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