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Where to Find Cacio e Pepe in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Danielle Lynch
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The late, great, Anthony Bourdain deemed Cacio e Pepe as “the greatest thing in the history of the world,” and there is no denying his approval or taste buds on this one.  Hudson County has {rightfully so} become the hub for all things Italian, and more menus than not are featuring Cacio e Pepe. This well-known Roman dish combines cheese {cacio} + pepper {pepe} to create an Italian mac + cheese. Simple would be an understatement as it is made up of four humble ingredients — pasta, cheese, butter, and pepper. We aren’t trying to be cheesy, but this is one meal that can’t be passed up.

Lately, it seems as though every menu in Hudson County has been featuring this trendy plate and there are no complaints here. If you’re interested in playing Top Chef and taste testing some local Cacio e Pepe, here’s your guide on where to find it in Hoboken and Jersey City:


Pici Pasta Bar {70 Hudson Street}

pici pasta hoboken

Only a few weeks old and Pici is already on the radar of many Hoboken locals. Conveniently located just around the corner from the Hoboken PATH, Pici’s menu features quite a few dishes and Cacio e Pepe is one of them. Pici uses their homemade bucatini pasta {like spaghetti, only thicker and better} to toss into the glistening sauce. No expenses are spared on the pepper; it will certainly put a little pep in your step. But TBH, cacio is nothing without the pepe, so crack that pepper all over and keep it coming.

Sorellina {1036 Washington Street}

sorellina hoboken

Uptown Hoboken treasure Sorellina knows no boundaries when it comes to Cacio e Pepe. If their homemade pasta doesn’t give you something to write home about, then the milk braised pork tossed into the conchiglie {shells} will leave you drooling. This dish is anything but ordinary; it keeps patrons on their toes with — wait for it — homemade pasta dough dashed with a kick of pepper. When served together with the smooth cheese glaze, it will leave you speechless.

Vepo Clean

Jersey City

Pasta e Vino {136 Newark Avenue}

pasta e vino jersey city

At Pasta e Vino, another Grove Street gem, the secret to their C+P is in the homemade pasta. Contrary to others in the area, Garganelli {a tubular pasta with deep ridges} is used in their rendition. This type of pasta is particularly well known for holding in sauce and cheese, which is totally necessary in Cacio e Pepe. To start, fresh black peppercorn is pan-toasted until aromatic. Once cooked, {al dente, of course}, the homemade pasta and imported Caciocavallo cheese from Italy is added to the pepper. The secret lies in the starch as it binds together with the cheese creating a silky glaze — che deliciozo.

Zap Fitness

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Roman Nose {125 Newark Avenue}

roman nose jersey city

Photo: Alyssa Ki

As if the name doesn’t say enough, Roman Nose keeps it classic when it comes to Cacio e Pepe. The Fiori Family {restaurant owners} hail from a small town right between Rome and Naples and their authenticity certainly shines through. What we love most about Roman Nose is their cheese to pepper ratio and perfect portion sizes. Stop by for a visit right in the heart of Grove Street.

Luna {279 Grove Street}

luna restaurant italian jersey city

New to the Jersey City and Grove Street restaurant scene, Luna has already made quite a name for itself. The restaurant’s version of Cacio e Pepe blends together black pepper and freshly grated imported Pecorino Romano with homemade spaghetti {obvs}. “The beauty of the dish is that all you need is water, cheese, and pepper,” explains Julian Muscio, co-owner of Luna Restaurant and Bar. We couldn’t agree more! Simplicity is key with this minimalist entrée but Luna’s C+P is on another level of cheesy goodness.

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Check out any of these restaurants for a truly outstanding take on this trendy dish and make sure to snag a glass {or three} of Chianti Classico while you’re at it.

Where’s your favorite place to induldge in some Cacio e Pepe? Share with us in the comments below and be sure to tag us in your foodie pics on Instagram @HobokenGirlBlog + #HobokenGirl <3

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