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4 Must-Read Books to Pick Up This Month {Found Locally}

by Alexandra Maravic
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Spring is officially here and even though the weather hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows, a good rainstorm shouldn’t be wasted. Sometimes there is nothing better than curling up on the couch with a good book and listening to the rain while diving into a great story. Take full advantage of these spring showers by staying in with these rainy-day binge-worthy books picked by one of our writers {and mastermind behind @HobokenBooksta}. Keep reading it discover four must-read books to pick up this month.

99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne

99 percent hobokenbooksta read spring

Genre: Romance

Totally fall in love with this cute little rom-com, complete with witty banter and the whole boy-next-door dynamic.  Darcy Barrett is a spitfire photographer/bartender/vagabond, running from all and any type of commitment.  When her beloved grandmother passes away,  Darcy and her twin brother inherit their grandmother’s dilapidated old house with strict instructions to renovate and sell the property ASAP.  In true Darcy fashion, she plans on fleeing the country {and her feelings} by spending the duration of the renovation on a beach somewhere far, far away.

Much to her dismay, her brother’s best friend and her childhood crush, Tom, is the contractor hired to restore the house to its former glory. Darcy finds herself in a sticky situation,  considering she’s been in love with him since she was eight years old. Oh, and he’s engaged to another woman. Her travel plans go out the window when she decides to stay and supervise since her brother is adamant about turning their grandmother’s charming little cottage into a modern chrome nightmare. In reality, the only thing Darcy is “supervising” is the way Tom looks in work boots and tight T-shirts.

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Despite her best efforts, Darcy realizes she can’t ignore Tom and pretend she hasn’t spent the last 15 years fantasizing about him.  The constant flirtation and sexual tension between them finally, finally culminate in a truly satisfying fairytale ending that will leave you wanting more.

The Great Believers by Rebecca Makkai

Genre: Coming of Age Fiction

Picture it — 1985, Chicago. Yale Tishman has made the discovery of a lifetime when he comes across an incredible collection of 1920s paintings, complete with personal letters and sketches from the artists. As development director for Northwestern’s up and coming art gallery, Yale recognizes this as the defining moment of his career. Unfortunately, the 1980s were a historically harrowing time in America as the AIDs epidemic ravaged the nation. Yale watches his friends, one by one, succumb to this devastating and deadly disease. Through the endless hospital visits, memorials, and funerals, Yale realizes the only person he has left is Fiona, the sister of his late friend, Nico.

Fast forward to 2015, Paris. We find Fiona desperately searching for her estranged daughter who escaped from a cult and wants nothing to do with her family. The only person in Paris that Fiona knows is Richard, an old friend and famous photographer who experienced 1980s Chicago alongside Fiona as part of Yale and Nico’s group. Finally confronted with the tragedy of the AIDs crisis, Fiona realizes that in order to save what is left of her relationship with her daughter she must come to terms with the psychological trauma she endured as a young woman.

The themes of friendship, love, and redemption are the threads that weave this beautiful multigenerational tale together. It is impossible not to become emotionally attached to the characters; you can’t help but grieve, love, and laugh right along with them. The Great Believers is an absolutely remarkable and life-changing work of fiction that will stand the test of time.

The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker

the dreamers hobokenbooksta read spring

Genre: Science/Dystopian Fiction

One by one, college students in a small Southern California town are falling victim to a strange virus that causes them to fall asleep and never wake up.  Doctors all over the world have no idea what is going on or how to stop it. The only things they can do are keep people alive with IV fluids and hope someone finds a cure. And fast.

Within days of the initial outbreak, the entire region and surrounding areas are under quarantine. The local hospital is filled to the brim with comatose patients and their exposed family members. While nothing is known about this perplexing virus, medical professionals are finally able to determine that it is extremely contagious and in most cases, deadly. By the time scientists realize the virus also spreads through the air, almost everyone in Santa Lora has already been exposed. As each day passes, the number of casualties rises to staggering heights. People panic as they helplessly watch their parents, siblings, and children fall victim to this illness. The loss of control and overwhelming feelings of hopelessness force the survivors to do whatever it takes to live.

Finally, a discovery is made: those who have succumbed to the comatose slumber are noted to have incredible levels of brain activity. Their brains function at higher levels than ever recorded before, much to the bewilderment of doctors and scientists everywhere. As if that wasn’t shocking enough, the patients begin to wake up.  A truly thought-provoking novel that illuminates the endless known and unknown capabilities of the human mind.

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Looker by Laura Sims

looker hobokenbooksta read spring

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Her job sucks, her husband is divorcing her, the house is falling apart, and money is running out. What else could possibly go wrong? Fully immersed in self-pity, loathing, and general feelings of inadequacy, the unnamed narrator takes us on a wild rollercoaster ride through these rather unfortunate series of events.
Enter the actress. She’s got it all: fame, beauty, and a life to die for. The narrator becomes obsessed with this enchanting woman next door, fixating on her every move. She fantasizes about becoming her closest friend, sleeping with her husband, and being the mother to her children. The obsession soon spirals out of control, destroying the last remaining fragments of the narrator’s sanity.

At the annual neighborhood block party, a disastrous interaction between the narrator and the actress serves as the catalyst for catastrophe. Block parties are all fun and games until somebody gets hurt.

Which of these binge-worthy books are you planning to read? Let us know in the comments!

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