Mail By Maggie, PlaneAire, + Haute Sweet Home

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Back by popular demand, this week’s Thursday 3 is here to make your life easier {or at least prettier}. Whether you’re a business owner looking for a way to keep in touch with your clients, or a homeowner trying to spruce up a space, there’s something for everyone on this little list roundup. Check out these three local businesses to support this week via our top picks:

Mail By Maggie

Growing a small business can be difficult, even more so when trying to maintain a close relationship with your customers. Mail By Maggie acts as a middle man to foster a one-on-one relationship between businesses and clients through handwritten thank you cards. For brick-and-mortar stores and online shops alike, Mail By Maggie tells clientele how much you appreciate their business — without taking time away from the work day. Notes for in-store purchase are also available to give your customers a smile every time they buy. Get out of the inbox and into the mailbox with these unique note cards.


If you’ve ever come home from the most Insta-worthy vacation only to get terribly ill, you need PlaneAire. Combat the airport germs with this organic germ-fighting spray — no harmful chemicals or alcohol necessary. The TSA-approved size bottle fits perfectly in the tiniest of carry-ons. Toss the spray into your day bag to spray down that handrail on the PATH or the public lockers at the gym. Wherever you go, PlaneAire is there to keep you healthy. PS: If you’re coming to our Hoboken Wellness Crawl and have purchased a VIP ticket, get excited as the VIP bags will each have a PlaneAire inside.

Haute Sweet Home

Accent your apartment with a handmade macrame wall hanging for a more boho-chic vibe. The Etsy shop created by a Jersey City local features a number of unique pieces, including hanging wreaths, coasters, and table centerpieces. Color lovers may prefer a plant painting, but pretty much anything in this adorable online shop will spice up your space.

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