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Bambino Chef: A Kids’ Cooking School in Jersey City

by Danielle Lynch
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From a very young age, Rene Gonzalez can remember being in the kitchen cooking for her family. Growing up in a Middle Eastern household taught her the complexities of food, driving her love for cooking even further. For the last seven years, she has taken Hudson County by storm with Bambino Chef, a cooking school designed specifically for children. This local business has been hosting after-school programs, birthday parties, summer camps, and more for kids and their families since 2012. We were lucky enough to sit down with Rene to get the scoop on this wonderful spot for both boys and girls to learn the art of cooking. Keep reading to learn more about Bambino Chef, a kids’ cooking school in Jersey City. 

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About Bambino Chef 

Bambino Chef, located at 213 Newark Avenue in Jersey City, is a fantastic place for children ages two to 13 to immerse themselves in the beautiful world of cooking. With the Master Chef Junior craze on everyone’s radar lately, kids are able to learn the essential kitchen and cooking skills needed to develop a love for cooking + food. At Bambino Chef, Rene is able to offer a variety of classes to fit everyone’s taste buds

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The most popular offering is the weekly cooking class. Mini Chefs {two and a half to four years old}, Junior Chefs {four to six years old}, and Master Chefs {seven to 10 years old}, participate in age appropriate classes during the day and after school hours. From pasta to sushi to brownies and cupcakes, Rene offers a wide variety of choices for everyone. Many parents choose to enroll their little ones in the Membership Program, which includes weekly cooking classes, an apron, a BFF Pass {bring a friend}, and discounts for siblings, birthday parties, camps, and other events. Such a great deal for only $79.99 per week. 

Summer Camps are another popular choice here at the BC studio. Each week of camp is themed and filled with fun. These half-day courses are great options during the summer months where children can learn how to make many yummy treats. This past summer, Bambino Chef hosted Pasta Week, Waffles + Smoothie Week, International Week, and Doughnuts + Cookies Week. Little ones love the delicious treats they make at BC and enjoy cooking them even after the summer is over.

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Beyond Cooking Classes

Bambino Chef is also able to host birthday parties that can be personalized from the theme to the menu to the decorations. With the option to hold the party at BC Headquarters or from the comfort of your own home, Rene and her team will arrange for a hands-on cooking class party with all of the trimmings. Menus and themes are completely customizable to make the day special for the birthday boy or girl. For more information about parties, head to the Bambino Chef Website here. And BC also offers hassle-free catering for parties too. That way, parents and adults can sit back and enjoy the day with their family and friends.

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School field trips and after school programs {at BC headquarters or school} are another way for children to interact with food and cooking. These hands-on experiences offer many options and can be tailored to fit the needs of the group. Some popular menu choices include zucchini scones, berry muffins, empanadas, stuffed veggies, and spinach lasagna rolls, among others. Many schools in the area offer this after-school activity to students and it’s loved by all. 

About Rene

Rene is not only a talented entrepreneur but also a humanitarian who is always giving back to the community. Besides teaching local children and sharing the beauty of cooking with them, Rene is always looking for ways she can help others. 

“We try our hardest to teach children not to waste food,” she shared. “There are so many people around the world and in our own city who don’t have enough to eat.” Rene and her team are raising awareness and teaching children how to help those in need. Throughout the year, Rene organizes opportunities for Bambino Chef families and friends to make food for local shelters. They come together to bring supplies and make food for those less fortunate. Last time, they made almost 800 sandwiches.

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Bambino Chef is a wonderful spot for boys and girls to learn the ins + outs of the kitchen, preparing food, teamwork, and so much more. Rene happily children from ages two to  13 in a variety of settings. 

“Food brings joy,” Rene said. “It allows people to come together and be with each other.” We couldn’t agree more. If you’re looking for a new and unique experience for your child, think about enrolling them in one of the classes at Bambino Chef. They will enjoy tapping into their creative side and preparing delicious food to enjoy today and forever.

Have you taken your child to a Bambino Chef class yet? Let us know in the comments! 

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