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This Bayonne Resident Was Just on The Bachelorette

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Eagle-eyed viewers of The Bachelorette may have noticed a familiar face during this season’s opening episode. One of the prospective suitors is Bayonne resident Nicholas ‘Nic’ Barber, an Army veteran. The Hoboken Girl caught up with Nic to learn more about his background, and his time on The Bachelorette, and get his take on the hard-hitting questions on breakfast meats. Read on for more about our convo with Nic.


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HG: What made you want to audition for The Bachelorette?

Nic Barber: Throughout life, we encounter love and heartbreak in equal measure, and I’m no stranger to either. Yet, despite the bumps and bruises of past relationships, my faith in love hasn’t wavered. My audition for The Bachelorette wasn’t about fame or notoriety — it was a sincere quest for love, a desire to find someone who matches my rhythm, who shares my passion for life. I was eager to find someone who is kind, empathetic, funny, and genuine, someone with whom I could share not just my life, but my soul.

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The show may have ended for me, but my quest continues. Every new day is a possibility, a chance to find that connection, that missing piece. Love isn’t a destination but a journey, and I’m traveling that road with hope and optimism. I believe that she’s out there — my person, my partner, my love — and I am determined to find her.

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HG: What’s next for you after The Bachelorette? What are you doing with your time besides being on The Bachelorette?

NB: Life post-Bachelorette has been an adventure. I’ve been making friends, exploring Hoboken and Jersey City, and indulging in the nightlife. It’s been a wonderful journey of discovery — learning about the local culture, making connections, and just soaking in the vibrant energy of the city. Meanwhile, my quest for love continues, buoyed by the optimism and determination that I will find my special someone.


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A post shared by Nic Barber (@nicbarber97)

HG: Can you tell us about your career, both in and out of the military?

NB: Being part of the 75th Ranger Regiment was much more than a job — it was a brotherhood. Ranger Regiment is the Army’s elite infantry special operations force, primarily conducting direct action raids in hostile and sensitive environments to kill or capture high-value targets. The bonds I formed, the challenges we overcame, and the shared purpose we had was a life-altering experience. The lessons I learned have shaped me into who I am today and have been invaluable as I navigate my life beyond the military. The resilience, the discipline, and the unity I experienced continue to influence my personal and professional journey.

Last fall, I was welcomed onboard as an HR Business Partner at a FinTech firm based here in New Jersey. In this role, my mission is to aid and support those around me. I use my skills to ensure the people I work with have a positive and productive environment. I’m very fortunate because I actually love what I do. Every day, I’m tasked with challenges that I’m excited to tackle. I take great pride in helping others and making a meaningful difference in their lives. This role has been a rewarding addition to my journey, allowing me to apply the experiences from my military career while continuing to grow and evolve.

HG: What is your ideal local date?

NB: A great date is about more than just the setting — it’s about building a connection. I’d start with a cozy dinner at Satis Bistro, diving into conversations and laughter as we enjoy the delicious cuisine. Afterward, a moonlit stroll along the Hudson River, just us and the whispering waves. There’s something special about sharing the quiet beauty of the cityscape with someone. We’d finish the evening at EnVue’s rooftop, raising a toast to the city skyline and all the possibilities it holds for us. The city sets the stage, but it’s the shared moments that create an unforgettable date.

Nic Barber

Photo Courtesy of Nic Barber

HG: Tell us about your time in Bayonne. Any special memories to share, or some favorite local traditions you really like?

NB: Even though I moved to Bayonne less than a year ago, I’m falling in love with it every day. The Bayonne Hometown Fair was the moment I knew I was becoming a part of this incredible community. Colorful stalls, heartwarming music, and the infectious energy of the town — I was swept up in the spirit. The unity, the friendliness of everyone around makes Bayonne more than just a city — it’s a home. I’m looking forward to making many more memories here.

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HG: Now for the important stuff: What is your bagel shop order? Do you have a favorite bagel shop? Is the breakfast meat called Taylor ham or pork roll?

Starting the day without a visit to Everything Bagel and Deli in Bayonne? Unthinkable! The secret to powering through the day is the Everything bagel — loaded with a fried egg, melted cheese, and perfectly crispy bacon. I love it!  And if you ask about breakfast meat, it’s pork roll all the way.

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