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Di Blu Bakery: An Argentine-Inspired Bakery Based in Jersey City

by Diana Cooper
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Di Blu Bakery, an online Jersey City and Hoboken-based shop, officially launched this time last year and has grown immensely since the beginning. Owned and operated single-handedly by Sofi Di Pinto, who moved to the US two years ago, the bakery receives about one-hundred orders per month and continues to grow. The Argentine-inspired bakery is known for its signature medialunas, but also other delicious baked goods that keep customers wanting more. Read on for The Hoboken Girl’s exclusive chat with the owner of Di Blu Bakery.

di blu bakery medialunas

Photo Credit: Sofi Di Pinto

Launching One Year Ago

Sofia told The Hoboken Girl that she wanted to begin her business virtually before opening the first-ever brick-and-mortar, which is something she hopes to accomplish down the road. The idea began from her desire to reconnect with the flavors of her home country of Argentina. Her husband’s job had initially brought her to the US in 2022, but before that, she had a passion for baking and even ran her own baking business after earning a degree in Pastry Chef from the Argentinian Institute of Gastronomy.

sofia di pinto owner di blu bakery

Photo Credit: Sofi Di Pinto

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“When I first arrived to the US, I started baking medialunas because my family and I missed that taste of Argentina. As I perfected the recipe, I noticed that many others were also craving this taste of home, while others were excited to try something new and delicious,” she told HG. “This realization sparked the idea to share these delectable treats with the wider community through an online bakery.”

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The 28-year-old entrepreneur’s strategy to get customers from the get-go was to use social media platforms. “We’ve been very focused on building our presence online, and it has proven to be very effective. Through platforms like Instagram, we’ve been able to showcase our products and engage with our audience authentically,” Sofia said.

di blu bakery chocolate chip cookies

Photo Credit: Sofi Di Pinto

She also said that the business has collaborated with many influencers, which has “significantly contributed” to Di Blu’s growth. In addition, the owner has relied on word of mouth. “There’s nothing quite like the endorsement of a satisfied customer recommending Di Blu to their friends and family. It’s a testament to the quality and satisfaction they’ve experienced, and it means the world to us,” Sofia remarked. Di Blu Bakery’s Instagram has grown to now nearly 1,690 followers.

Di Blu’s Delights

Sofia, who has some help and support from her husband (i.e. testing the products), is now fulfilling about 100 orders per month from her Jersey City apartment. The most popular? Di Blu’s signature medialunas. Often described as the “croissant cousin” because they are similar in shape to croissants, medialunas boast a “distinctively sweeter and richer flavor profile,” Sofia explained. “What sets medialunas apart is the syrup glaze applied after baking, which imparts a touch of sweetness and creates a glossy, caramelized finish that’s simply irresistible.”

di blu bakery alfajores

Photo Credit: Sofi Di Pinto

Apart from the signature medialunas, Di Blu’s popular products include Alfajores, brownies, and cookies. The Alfajores (Dulce de Leche filled cookie sandwiches) come in various flavors, including almond, vanilla, chocolate and sea salt, and cornstarch and coconut. As for the brownies, the chocolate desserts “hold a special place in our hearts,” Sofia says, since they come straight from her mother’s cherished recipe.

Each baked good is “crafted with the finest ingredients to ensure exceptional taste and quality.” But as Sofia said, each customer gets a Di Blu experience, not just when it comes to tasting the products. “From our exceptional customer service to our thoughtfully designed packaging, we strive to make every interaction unforgettable. We want our customers to not only savor the deliciousness of our [baked goods] but also cherish the entire experience of enjoying Di Blu Bakery treats.”



How to Get a Taste

Customers can shop the selection of baked goods online and then choose the option of either picking up in Jersey City or getting them delivered. Sofia explained, “While our primary focus is on serving customers in Jersey City and Hoboken, we also extend our delivery services to Manhattan and Long Island City twice a month. We’re constantly looking for opportunities to expand our reach and serve more customers within New Jersey and New York.”

Sofia and her husband have plans to open a storefront in the near future. They are “actively working towards making it a reality.” Her goal is for customers to get Di Blu products whenever they want. Right now, they’re still in the process of finalizing the details but are “optimistic” about opening a brick-and-mortar soon.

di blu bakery jersey city delivery

Photo Credit: Sofi Di Pinto

Even though Di Blu is based in Hudson County, the team is exploring other opportunities in cities such as Miami or Orlando. “Our goal is not just to offer delicious pastries, but to provide a taste of home for Argentinians seeking a connection to their roots, and to introduce others to the unique and new flavors,” Sofia shared.

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“Our goal is to bring the taste of Di Blu to even more communities, spreading joy and sweetness far and wide. Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this exciting journey.”  For more information and to place an online order, visit diblubakery.com.

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