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Bloomfield + Washington Streets Are Randomly Reversed on Apple Maps, And It’s Driving Us Crazy

by Jennifer Tripucka
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These days, we assume Siri is always right, but a reader-submitted finding in Hoboken, New Jersey on Apple Maps is proving the contrary. According to the interactive Apple Map, submitted by a reader tip, Bloomfield + Washington Streets are reversed on the map, which is quite a blaring error — if only for a savvy local. 

apple maps hoboken error bloomfield washington street

Photo Credit: Apple Maps

The Hoboken Girl reader Catie Toomey sent a screenshot of the error to our team of her random finding on the Apple Maps app (not to be confused with Google Maps). “Hey, Apple maps has Bloomfield and Washington swapped ,” she shared via DM to our Instagram with the screenshot.

apple map hoboken error

Photo Credit: @sock_it_toomey

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In the map view on Apple Maps, the streets were, indeed, switched from Catie’s screenshot. The Apple Maps’ Bloomfield Street on the map, one can see that the Second Street to Third Street block of [what is supposed to be Washington Street] has all of the Washington Street stores and restaurants.

Of course, we were intrigued, so had to look ourselves and do a little recon. And it is, in fact, incorrect:

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apple map hoboken error

The Apple Maps app on mobile indeed has this mistake very glaringly on its Hoboken map— zoomed out and in, on mobile is incorrect. On desktop Apple Maps, it is incorrect only when zoomed super far in.

On desktop, it’s correct in that from zoomed out, Bloomfield is in the correct spot, with nothing listed for Washington Street, evidenced here:

apple maps hoboken error

Once you’ve zoomed in, the Apple Map will show Bloomfield and Washington Streets, reversed on desktop as well.

apple maps hoboken error

In fact, at one point on the map on mobile, it lists Bloomfield Street and Bloomfield Street AGAIN in the uptown Hoboken area that should be Washington Street. 

bloomfield street hoboken apple maps

^2 Bloomfield Streets can be seen above

This error spans for the entirety of Washington Street — which, if you’re local to Hoboken, is a big deal — as The Avenue is our main drag, and a point of interest for many.

Luckily, the one saving grace for those navigating the area is that if a point of interest on either street is put in, Apple Maps will still take you to the correct address (despite the mislabeling), but still, an error nonetheless.

Try it out for yourself:

When you type Washington Street on Apple Maps, it takes you to the right location on Washington but it labels it as Bloomfield Street. Bloomfield is incorrectly placed between Hudson Street and Washington Street — with Washington Street and Bloomfield Street being swapped.

This isn’t the first time an online Hoboken map has had a weird occurrence. Several years back, Google Maps Street View in Hoboken had caught a falling man on Willow Street, who had been photographed by Google during surveying.  

While we wait with baited breath for answers, make sure to head to our Instagram to weigh in if it’s showing this way for you, too.

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