Home Food + Drink A Taste of Italy with a Twist: Green Pear Cafe Opens {on 1st and Grand in Hoboken}

A Taste of Italy with a Twist: Green Pear Cafe Opens {on 1st and Grand in Hoboken}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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There’s no doubt that we have a ton of Italian delis and restaurants, but cafes? Not so much. We visited the adorable Green Pear Cafe, located at 93 Grand Street recently and couldn’t wait to give you the scoop!

green pear cafe  hoboken girl

The outside of the cafe is very modest-yet-adorable, and almost easy to miss — located at the corner of 1st and Grand Street {on the the left side if you’re walking toward Newark Street on Grand}.

green pear cafe  hoboken girl

There are a few tables outside, but since it’s getting kind of cold, you’ll probably have to dine inside — which isn’t an issue since they have a small grab-and-go bar {aboveas well as a back room of small dining tables {below}.

green pear cafe  hoboken girl

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^A few of the back room tables for dining in!

As far as their menu and offerings — naan-like flat bread {called paratha – basically layers of dough with an Indian origin – not Italian, but SO good}, authentic Italian coffee {Lavazza, for the connoisseurs}, crepes to write home about, and high quality specialty foods for sale {think Italian olive oils, etc} – just a few of our favorite things from the Green Pear Cafe! It’s wonderful to have a go-to cafe that functions as more than a coffee shop and actually has delicious food as well.

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A few of the menu items we ordered:

green pear cafe  hoboken girl

^White Truffle Gnocchi with Pecorino Romano Cheese. Sooooo scrumptious. I mean, cheese. Duh.

green pear cafe  hoboken girl

^Vegetarian Paratha with Avocado and Sun-Dried Peppers

green pear cafe  hoboken girl

^Fresh and cold-pressed juice called The Malibu: Pineapple, Coconut Water, Lime {+ a frothy cappucino!}

Everything was carefully crafted and very tasty. We loved each thing we ordered!

Free wifi, seating, and a family vibe {literally, mom works the kitchen, dad runs cash register, and their son and daughter are the waiters sometimes — so sweet!} really make the Green Pear Cafe feel like a homey spot that you can drop in and relax with some coffee and a bite to eat at any time. The son of the owner was our waiter, and he was the sweetest! Since they had just opened, he brought us a delicious espresso dessert in a chocolate shell to sample from their menu in addition to the items we ordered. What I loved was that their drink prices weren’t outrageous {$2 for an espresso, $2.75 for a doppio [double shot!], etc} and the coffee is of amazing quality and caliber {Lavazza – espresso coffee straight from Italy}. THE REAL DEAL!

green pear cafe  hoboken girl

^Our espresso pudding. YUM. Keeping me up all night, but totally worth it!

As far as pricing goes, the most expensive item on the menu is $10, which really is nice for your wallet. Green Pear Cafe Hours are 7am-5pm M-F + Saturday & Sundays 8am-3pm. Kiiiinda wish they were open a little later {especially since the dinner crowd could totally go for some of their menu items + free wifi to do some work after work never hurts}. Also, it’s BYOB – perfect for some brunch!


We can’t wait to go back! Have you been? What did you think?

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