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6 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day {EVERY Day} in Hoboken and Jersey City

by Monica Sainz
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When it comes to saving our planet, there is SO much to do. Each and every one of us depend the Earth and as citizens of the world we are responsible for taking care of it. It may sound cliché, but truly, every day should be earth day. If you love the Hudson County area and care about Hoboken’s appearance and health, there are a number of measures you can take to give back this Earth Day in Hoboken {and Jersey City!}.


1. RECYCLE! {duh}

This one is a given. Everyone says recycling is important, but — it really is! Reusing materials that could end up in landfills or even as litter is imperative for bettering the condition of our planet. And, it is soooo simple to do. Don’t let a moment of laziness or the absence of a recycling bin stop you from making a small but mighty contribution. Luckily for us in Hoboken, there are tons of garbage and recycling receptacles that make it easy to do so on the go. For more information about recycling in town, click here.

2. Hudson Bike Share {Ride for Free Day!}

Who wants to worry about parking, gas, or meters? If the answer is ‘not me,’ then RENT a bike! Hudson Bike Share offers bike rentals via their mobile app, kiosk, on-board computer, and via customer service {talk about options!}. And, on Saturday April 23, Hudson Bike Share is allowing riders to take an unlimited number of free 30 minute rides all day long! Just register for a free account on hudsonbikeshare.com. Plus, it’s a pretty legit workout. Just make sure to stay in the bike lanes!

3. Jersey City Earth Day Festival

For those wanting to head to Jersey City to celebrate Mother Earth, Liberty State Park in Jersey City is hosting an Earth Day festival. There will be over 100 vendor exhibits, rides, and other activities for people of all ages! The festival serves to educate, inspire, and empower people to adopt sustainable practices, protect natural resources and consume responsibly. 

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4. Compost in Hoboken

When it comes to the environment, there’s nothing better than composting {for those of you who are still working on getting your green on, that means not throwing away your old food scraps — rather, keeping it in a bin and turning it back into soil!}. As a Hoboken resident, you can choose compost pick-up service for $20-35/month, or on Saturdays, residents can bring their separated food scraps and other organic materials to one of three drop spot locations in Hoboken for free. According to the City of Hoboken’s website, residents may bring their materials in any containers they choose, however garbage bags and non-compostable refuse will not be accepted. Click here to sign up for pick-up service or to get more information about drop spot locations and timing. Businesses and organizations interested in composting should email [email protected] to discuss services. “We’re very excited to work with the City of Hoboken to expand our organics recycling program,” says Eileen Banyra, Owner of Community Compost Co. “It is absolutely the right place at the right time to advance such a program. Bringing awareness to the complexities surrounding food waste and the benefits of composting is key to our mission.”

So, what can you compost?

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All food (including fruits, vegetables, meat, bones, dairy, grains, eggshells, coffee grounds), food-soiled paper, napkins, paper towels, uncoated paper, plates, and tea bags.

What can’t you compost?

Plastic, metal (aluminum foil, staples in tea bags), Styrofoam, liquids, frozen food boxes, chemicals, compostable plastics.

5. Shop Locally!

Did you know on average, your food travels over 1000 miles to get to your plate? Talk about a waste of gasoline! Lucky for you, Hoboken has three farmer’s markets coming in May to get your fresh produce. The downtown, uptown, and family’s farmers markets are open during the summer and fall months, and we can’t wait! This fresh produce is free from pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics— which you’d be surprised as to how many places serve foods with that horrendous trifecta. While you’re waiting for the markets to open, head to Sobsey’s, our fave {local} Hoboken spot for organic produce!

6. Plant a Tree {At This Hoboken Community Urban Garden}

Recently Hoboken Shade Tree Commission dedicated its efforts to developing, promoting, sustaining and regulating Hoboken’s trees. Unfortunately, we have learned that this is no longer the case — as the website turns up blank. Previously, the Commission removes and replaces damaged and dead trees while pruning and maintaining the health of existing trees so they flourish and grow to be strong {allergies, we’re taking one for the team}. However, since the trees are no longer being offered, you’ll have to buy some plants and a plot of land at the Hoboken Community Garden —or make an urban garden happen on your own. Trees provide our earth with oxygen and are important for animal habitats. Keep an eye on the trees in your neighborhood, or plant a tree of your own! Contact Peter Bakarich III or check out their site for more details.

How will you be celebrating Earth Day? Make it a good one, and celebrate every day!

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