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Tales of a Hoboken Homeowner: 5 Tips for Creating A Balcony {Urban Garden} Oasis

by Jennifer Tripucka
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We’ve all seen it. The rows of apartments with the exact same balcony decorated the exact same way. There is likely a small dining set. Or a couple chairs. And maybe a plant or two. But they all look the same as the relatively similar apartments they adorn. This ends now.

If you live in an apartment, chances are something that bothers you when those beautiful summer months come along is the reality that the balcony can seem limiting. The space can seem confining and therefore limit your creativity when you imagine what the area could be. The reality is that it doesn’t have to be like all those other balconies with the cookie cutter bistro sets and {gasp} illegal Smokey Joe grills. In reality, your balcony too can become the backyard oasis you’ve always dreamed of in a few simple steps.

The most important way you can accomplish this is by creating a balcony garden, including whatever plants and greenery you would in a full-sized yard with much less of the fuss. Just think, you can pick and choose the flowers or plants you’d like to grow and focus all of your gardening time on that (with no snow plowing or grass mowing to worry about).

Here are a few ways to make your urban balcony garden uniquely yours:

1. Think vertical.

Whether you’re on the ground floor or in the penthouse, rocking what you’ve got in terms of outdoor space is likely the same. When you’re working with a smaller amount of space, it is imperative to make the most of it, which is attainable by using various measures to grow plants and flowers vertically instead of horizontally.

2. Think colorful.

Don’t limit yourself to veggies and fruits. Throw in some of your favorite flowers for good measure and color that will leave your neighbors wishing they had done the same.

hoboken garden urban

An adorable urban garden on Willow Terrace in Hoboken

3. Think priorities.

When it comes to gardening within space constraints, less really can be more. Focus your attention on plants you are serious about eating or cooking with, or favorite flowers you plan to cut and enjoy inside.

4. Think creative.

While you may think of a garden as a square of space in a yard, it’s time rethink it by using things like vertical planters and accessories that allow some versatility in how you grow what you’re planting. Finding new purpose for used items like pallets or PVC piping are options we love that cut down on space consumption while embracing the beauty of all things natural.

5. Think outside living room.

Your balcony is an extension of your home. Make it feel like it by embracing the space as an outdoor oasis you can relax in and feel comfortable. Add personal touches that you would consider including in a full-size backyard, like wind chimes or a small bird bath. Make it your own by remembering it is, indeed, an extension of your living space.


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