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A New Hidden Spa has Opened in Hoboken: 120degreesf

by Risha Jagadish
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There’s something oh-so-exciting about the speakeasy-vibe experience — a hidden spot that no one is quite aware of, having a secret code or password to enter and enjoying the feeling of exclusivity. And in Hoboken, we’ve found just that: a hidden spa called 120degreesf. Read along to find out more about 120degreesf a new day spa located at 230 Madison Street in Hoboken.

The Journey to Hoboken


Irina Shishova, founder of 120degreesf  had always dreamt of having her own spa. She is passionate about finding an alignment between health and beauty and it was her vision to open a unisex spa where people came not just to relax but also benefit internally through various kinds of detox.

However, the pandemic surely challenged her plans and she put this on hold, while helping the community with mask allocations, and it was then that she stumbled upon a space in Hoboken where she could bring her vision to life.

The name comes from the infrared sauna experience, as 120 degrees is the most optimal temperature to reap benefits from the sauna. While this has temporarily been put on hold due to COVID-19, there is a list of other services to try out, below.

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The Services


On arriving, this might look like a regular men’s salon from the front, however, just walk in and ask for Irina/Ira.

Oxygen Cocktails

This is a Russian technology discovered by scientists in the late 1960s. The oxygen cocktails are very famous in Russia and can be found in gyms and spas and are often recommended for their health benefits. The oxygen drink is a great stimulator for the immune system. It reduces fatigue and helps eliminate chronic fatigue syndrome. By taking oxygen in its pure form, it helps get rid of peeling and inflammation on the skin, as well as rejuvenates your face. Juice, water, and milk are often used as a base for cocktails and an oxygen generator is a genius machine that filters any pollutants in the air and combines it with the drink.

Ionic Foot Detox

Ionic foot detox is an ancient Chinese medicine used to cleanse the body from within. Transitional seasons are a great time to opt-in for a detox, and the Himalayan salt added to the water eventually changes color on reacting with the mineral concentration of the water. The ionic technique of cleansing through the feet provides a full-body purge of all vital organs.

Infrared Sauna {temporarily closed due to COVID-19}

An infrared sauna treatment is a miraculous way to detox yourself. Besides getting toxins out of the body, it promotes relaxation, fights stress and anxieties, and that post-glow look is the real treat!

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A good massage can do wonders for the body and mind. Ira is a great masseuse and offers head, neck, shoulder, and back massages. Her technique is highly customizable depending on the client’s needs, and each session comes with a complimentary aromatherapy session.

She has recently added a CBD oil massage to the list of services {at an additional fee of $5} and this helps in relaxation and brain stimulation, thereby increasing mental clarity and reducing anxiety.

The sessions are priced at $1/minute so it’s great to hop in for short or long appointments.

Other Treatments include face masks, foot masks, paraffin hand treatment, and teeth whitening.


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