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12 Photos Taken By Hoboken Residents That Will Totally Inspire You

by Genna
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In 2017, we’re already seeing so many more eye-catching #Hoboken contributions to our Instagram round-up! And when it comes to New Year’s resolutions, after a few weeks, it can be hard to stay on track. That’s why we’ve rounded up some photos to remind you of some great ‘resolutions’ which can be done at any point during the year, through the lens of Hoboken residents. Here’s your Sunday evening inspiration:

The higher the leap, the closer you are to your 2017 resolution – right?

Seeking more joy every day is always good to have at the top of your list.


– @trin_2003 –

Another good {and familiar} resolution: eating healthy.

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Yes, zoodles are the real deal if we do say so ourselves.


Zap Fitness

– @meliss_smith –

Writing nicer Yelp reviews = sometimes a good idea… or you may become the front of a sign’s joke.


– @karamelkatze –

Find beauty in your everyday observations.

{we like this resolution for selfish #Hoboken reasons}


– @matvej.kotov –

Always capture moments that take your breath away.


– @isabella.bc –

And sometimes just living in the {sunny or snowy} moment is enough.


– @blairzee –

Keep your heart warm – no matter the weather outside.


– @christinafieni –

Dance more. An easy can-do.


– @_justkwams_ –

Cartwheel {if possible} and celebrate life.


– @meggykray –

Never take life too seriously, in 2017 and beyond…


– @jaketheproducer –

Take a step back and be grateful each day, year after year.


– @c_owcz –



– @c___liina –

Don’t forget to hashtag #HobokenGirl and tag @hobokengirlblog on Instagram {from a public account!} and your picture could be featured in our next Hoboken photo round-up.

How is your New Year’s Resolution going?

Until next week,


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