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Wine Flights + Tastings in Hoboken, Jersey City, + Beyond

by Shayna Conde
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With summer upon us, it’s the season for many summery drinks. One of the best summer activities is to indulge in a wine tasting or wine flight in New Jersey. While there aren’t a ton of places in the Hoboken and Jersey City area for wine flights and tastings, there are still a few awesome restaurants and shops nearby that offer a taste of the wine life. We’ve rounded up a list of nearby wine tastings and wine flights in Hoboken, Jersey City, and beyond for you to sip on all summer long.

Before diving in, it’s important to note the difference between a wine flight and a tasting — as well as why most wine shops can’t offer you a wine flight but might be able to host a tasting. It all comes down to licenses. Wine shops usually have a retail license which means that they can only serve you a maximum of 2 oz per glass and they cannot charge you (which is what a public tasting is). Establishments that have bar licenses can not only serve you more but also charge you (which falls in line with flights).


Cheese + Wine Hoboken | 720 Monroe St, Hoboken

cheese and wine hoboken

Cheese + Wine in Hoboken is a woman-owned business that offers a little bit of everything that you need for your perfect wine night, including weekly tastings. There are tastings every Friday from 5PM – 8PM, and on Saturdays, the tastings start at 12PM and end when the wines are done. It also has at least one themed wine tasting for the week. For example, themes can range from Spanish wine to French wine to rosé, and the list goes on. Cheese + Wine will feature a tasting of select wines and cheeses that they recommend for the season.

It also has a cheese and wine pairing club that’s essentially a tasting that you can do at home on your own time. For $70, you get 2 wines and about 1/2lb of 2 cheeses that pair well with the given wines. For the pairing club, Cheese + Wine strongly suggest that you sign up in the store rather than online.

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Divino Tasting | 38 Maiden Lane, Newark

divino tasting newark

(Photo credit: @divino_divine)

Divino Tasting is where you go if you want a more curated tasting experience. On every first and third Wednesday of the month, there are wine tastings for $25 per person. It also has guided wine tastings every Thursday for different wines in the Boisset Collection, led by a Boisset Wine ambassador. These classes also tend to be around $20 – $25 per person.

Jersey Wine + Spirits | 492 Jersey Ave, Jersey City

jersey wine and spirits jersey city

(Photo credit: @jerseywineandspirits)

If you’re looking for a wine tasting and/or wine classes in Downtown JC, then Jersey Wine and Spirits is the place to go. Every Friday between 5PM and 7:30PM, it has wine tastings for the public. Depending on if there’s a wine distributor sharing their product or if it’s the staff sharing some in-house favorites, you could be sampling anywhere from 2 to 4 new wines. These tastings are also based on themes like the wine region and the type of grape. Jersey Wine and Spirits also has biweekly wine classes on Eventbrite and on its website, but you’d have to pay about $30 for those.

Riverview Wine + Spirits | 43 Bowers St, Jersey City

riverview wine and spirits jersey city

(Photo credit: @riverviewwinejc)

This woman-owned, Jersey City Heights gem is home to another set of weekly wine tastings. Every Friday from 6PM to 8PM, it features a wine tasting of some of its newer wines — or some staff favorites. These tastings are very casual and usually involve 2 to 3 wines to sample. Riverview is also a 15-minute walk to Cheese + Wine in Hoboken, so if you’re down for a walking wine tour, then this could be a great adventure.

Wine Flights

Amelia’s Bistro | 187 Warren St, Jersey City

amelias bistro jersey city

Located in between the Marin Boulevard and Essex Street Light Rail stops in Downtown Jersey City is Amelia’s Bistro, a new-American restaurant with multiple alcohol flight options. For $16, you can order a flight of 4 wines out of the 8 potential wines for your flight. If you need a little help choosing which wines you want to try then the waiters are more than equipped to help you make your selection. If you aren’t a wine person (props to you for making it this far and not liking wine!), Amelia’s Bistro also offers $20 beer flights with 4 beers per flight.

Melovino Meadery  | 2933 Vauxhall Rd, Vauxhall

melovino meadery vauxhall

(Photo credit: @melovino)

For those who don’t know, mead (also known as ‘honey wine’) is a kind of alcohol made primarily from honey, yeast, and water. If you love mead or if you’re curious about it, then you should stop by Melovino and try one of its mead flights. For $15, you can get one of their sampler flights and try 4 of any of the meads they have in their selection.

Sangria Hoboken | 800 Jackson St, Hoboken

sangria hoboken

Sangria is the fun cousin of wine at the alcohol family reunion so it’s necessary to include a good sangria flight to this list. Sangria Hoboken is a Tapas bar and restaurant that’s located right next to the 9th Street Light Rail Station and opened recently. The sangria flights go for $16 and include one of its classic reds, a white peach, a blood orange, and special sangria for the month. You can also switch out one of your sangrias for a rosé, if that’s what you’d prefer. All of the wines used in the sangria are imported from Spain which only adds to the authenticity of this delicious experience.

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Spuntino Wine Bar + Italian Tapas | 70 Kingsland Road, Clifton

sputino wine bar clifton

(Photo credit: @sputinowinebar)

Spuntino has the most wine flight options out of all of the establishments on this list, so if you like to have your pick of the wine litter, then this might be the best choice for you. Sputino’s has three wine flight options for its happy hour, which is every Monday through Friday from 3PM – 6:30PM. They are called “Fields of Gold” (which focuses on golden wines like riesling and sauvignon blancs), “Old New World” (which is mostly about the reds like pinot noirs and cabernets), and “Time to Wine Down” (which has your rosés and all the wines you could have without food). Each of these flights is $14 and features 3 wines.

On the regular menu, Spuntino offers three completely different flights. These are: Wines of California for $16, World-Class Blends for $24, and Sangiovese tour (the grape that makes Chianti wine) for $20. All three of these flights also come with 3 wines. Spuntino does have specialty flights with a more exclusive wine selection that can range from $35-$45.

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