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Wellness Counseling: A Hoboken Therapy Practice That Focuses on Healing + Growth

by Hoboken Girl Team
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This article is sponsored by Wellness Counseling.

Starting therapy can feel overwhelming, but the new year is a great time to prioritize mental health and start setting intentions. Wellness Counseling, which has three New Jersey locations in Montclair, Ramsey, and 84 Washington Street Suite 3B Hoboken, is an inviting counseling practice that supports children, teens, adults, couples, + seniors. No matter what clients are going through, the dedicated team of highly skilled therapists is ready to make meaningful, personalized connections. Keep reading to learn more about Wellness Counseling + the local team of committed therapists.

Couch, chair, and table in Hoboken Wellness Counseling room

All About Wellness Counseling

Wellness Counseling provides therapy to meet each client’s unique needs. Dr. Jennifer Politis, an educational psychologist, licensed school psychologist, + licensed therapist, founded Wellness Counseling. She transitioned to private practice in 2011 and is passionate about helping clients + clinicians prioritize their emotional health.

There are three Wellness Counseling locations in Hoboken, Montclair, + Ramsey, New Jersey. All three spaces are warm and inviting, designed to help clients feel at ease so they can focus on healing + growth.

Hoboken Wellness Counseling room with couch, table, and window

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“The reward in our work lies in the profound impact we have on individual lives through the provision of comprehensive mental health services. Witnessing positive transformations + aiding our clients in their journey toward well-being is a source of immense professional fulfillment,” Dr. Jennifer Politis told The Hoboken Girl.

Dr. Jennifer Politis + the Wellness Counseling team know that therapy can feel intimidating, which is why they have streamlined the scheduling + billing process. The admin team handles insurance so clients just have to show up.

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“Beyond clinical expertise, our focus on exceptional client care further distinguishes us. We understand that navigating mental health services can be complex, which is why we prioritize making the scheduling process as seamless + accessible as possible, demonstrating our dedication to providing comprehensive + client-centered services,” Dr. Jennifer Politis said.

Dr. Jennifer Politis

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Meet the Team

The diverse Wellness Counseling team includes therapists who specialize in anxiety, depression, couples counseling, + eating disorders to name a few. The highly skilled professionals provide judgment-free guidance, as well as emotional support to children, teens, adults, couples, + seniors.

“Diversity is celebrated as a strength at Wellness Counseling, and we actively seek to hire clinicians with varying backgrounds, beliefs, + specialties to better serve the unique experiences of our clients. This dedication to promoting inclusion extends to our commitment to exceptional client care, where going above + beyond is our standard,” Dr. Jennifer Politis shared.

The Hoboken Wellness Counseling team on a couch

^ The Hoboken Wellness Counseling team

Clients are expertly matched with the right therapist to create an impactful therapy experience. The Hoboken clinic has a team of five therapists who can meet the needs of clients throughout Hudson County. The team includes:

Taylor Pini, MA, LPC Taylor Pini is the Hoboken Site Supervisor who creates a nonjudgmental + supportive space for clients. She specializes in eating disorders, anxiety, depression, relationship conflict, self-esteem, life transitions, + grief. She utilizes a relational approach and integrates techniques from various other orientations into her practice.

Charlene Juengling, MA, Ed.S., LPC — Charlene Juengling is a compassionate counselor who has experience in individual + couples counseling. She uses an integrative approach + specializes in anxiety, depression, OCD, trauma, grief + loss, self-esteem, + ADHD.

Jessica Carvalheira, MA, LAC — Jessica Carvalheira views therapy as a collaborative process + works with individuals, families, + adolescents. She uses cognitive behavioral therapy + person-centered techniques in her practice + specializes in anxiety, depression, school-related issues, social coaching, life transitions, + LGBTQIA+ related issues.

Gianna DiLaura, MSW, LSW — Giana DiLaura is a licensed social worker who works with adolescents + young adults of all backgrounds to help them make positive changes. She specializes in anxiety, depression, teens + young adults, athletes/sports performance, self-esteem, stress management, school + life balance, + life transitions.

Felipe Alexandre, MA, LAC, NCC — Felipe Alexandre sees a range of clients + treats a variety of issues. He is guided by psychodynamic + existential principles but uses an integrative approach in practice. He specializes in anxiety, depression, relationship issues, career counseling, couples therapy + psychodynamic psychotherapy.

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Available Services

Wellness Counseling uses a personalized approach to meet the needs of each client. The highly skilled therapists specialize in treatments for anxiety, depression, mood disorders, relationship issues, self-esteem issues, divorce, stressful life changes, perfectionism, stress, LGBTQIA+ related issues, school + social stress, trauma, parenting issues, eating disorders, grief + loss, toxic relationships, + career counseling. Some therapy services at the local practice include:

Therapy for Children —Wellness Counseling therapists can help children 8 years + older navigate stressful life changes. The therapist can help children process difficult situations + focus on moving forward.

Therapy for Adolescents Therapists can help teens learn to build confidence, set boundaries, + deal with feelings. The Wellness Counseling therapists are highly trained in helping teenagers find hope + achieve their goals.

Therapy for Adults — Individual adults can work with a therapist to help navigate grief, loss, + life transitions. Counselors understand that adult life is hard + are skilled at helping clients deal with the emotional distress that comes with change.

Therapy for Couples Couples at any stage of their relationship, not just married couples, can utilize couples counseling to strengthen their communication + connection. Couples therapists are dedicated to helping foster effective communication strategies + healthier relationships.

Telehealth/Virtual Sessions —Telehealth is available for people who can’t fit in a visit to the clinic. The same services are provided virtually, but this is a nice option for people who otherwise might not be able to find time for therapy.

Hoboken Wellness Counseling waiting room

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Wellness Counseling is located at 84 Washington Street Suite 3B Hoboken. You can call 201-661-8070 or email [email protected] with questions.

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