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‘We are JC’ Vigil to Be Held for Jersey City Shooting Victims Friday, Dec. 13th

by Jennifer Tripucka
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On December 10th, 2019, there was a horrific shooting in Jersey City that left five dead, including one police officer named Detective Joseph Seals. The shooting broke out in a residential neighborhood and officials believe two suspects were killed in the gunfight.

“State Police assets from T.E.A.M.S., Canine Unit, Bomb Unit, Marine Services, Aviation, Field Ops, Tactical Patrol, Central Security, Trafficking, and Emergency Response Bureau are assisting [the Jersey City Police Department] with the active shooter investigation,” New Jersey State Police tweeted.

Detective Joseph Seals, 40, was credited by his superiors with having led the department in the number of illegal guns removed from the streets in recent years, and may have been trying to stop an incident when he was hit by gunfire that erupted near a cemetery, authorities said. The shooting then continued at a kosher supermarket about a mile away, where five more bodies were found, Kelly said.

In the most recent hours as of 8:30AM December 11th, Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop has said that this was a targeted incident, based on CCTV reviews, and that the acts of violence were targeted.

jersey city shooting kosher deli

While the outcome of the situation and motive is still not totally clear, innocent lives were lost, and our community is in mourning.

vigil jersey city police officer joe seals death

Mayor Fulop shared with the press about the police officer that lost his life in Jersey City yesterday:

“He was a 15+ year detective with the JCPD. Even more than that he was a husband and a father to 5 children.

I know whenever someone is lost we always say how great that person was but in the case of Joe Seals it was 100% sure. He was one of our best police officers and was prob responsible for more illegal guns being removed from our streets over the years than anyone. He was an officer that loved JC, was involved in the community, and one that everyone knew regardless of their precinct. Our thoughts and prayers are with Joe’s family during this Christmas season and beyond.

Sometimes we take for granted the work a police officer does when they wear that uniform. I know I’m guilty of it at times. In the end, they are people that volunteered to keep everyone else safe regardless of the circumstance. That was Joe Seals. Today we lost Joe as he was keeping the people of JC safe to which he volunteered to do. We were beyond lucky to have him here and over the years he saved so many lives with his great work.

He was a true hero and I know I speak for all the residents when I write that we are grateful for all that he did for JC.

Rest In Peace Joe Seals.”

The other victims’ names have not been officially released, but they were believed to be inside the kosher deli and targeted.

In the wake of this tragic event in our communities, a vigil will be held Wednesday, December 11th at the Temple Beth-El at 2419 John F. Kennedy Boulevard, Jersey City at 7:30PM.  

The above vigil is being held to provide an environment of “community unity service and prayer vigil in response to the tragedy in Jersey City.”

Additionally, there is a vigil at the City Hall Annex in Jersey City {1 Jackson Square} being held for victims on Friday, December 13th.

On the vigil’s website, it says,

“The Citizens of Jersey City are uniting in the wake of the devastating shooting that occurred on December 10th, 2019. Speakers include volunteers of Students Demand Action, Moms Demand Action, Hudson County CMO, the Jersey City Anti-Violence Coalition, as well as City and State Officials. The We Are JC Event will also hold a Vigil for the victims of the shooting, including Jersey City Police Detective Seals.”

Feeling helpless or wanting to do something more?

Here are four organizations that you can donate time and/or money to that revolve around gun safety.

1. Everytown for Gun Safety

Launched by former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2014, the organization has been advocating for more background checks for would-be gun owners, laws that would keep guns away from domestic abusers, and tougher gun-trafficking laws. It also has a political action committee that supports and opposes various congressional candidates.

2. Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

Technically an arm of Everytown, Moms Demand Action is more active at a grassroots level. Its Hudson County chapter, led by local Hoboken councilwoman Emily Jabbour, holds regular events that you can learn about on their Facebook page.

3. The Brady Campaign

The Brady Campaign was founded in 1974 as the National Council to Control Handguns by an armed robbery victim named Mark Borinsky. It was renamed the Brady Campaign in 2001 in honor of Jim Brady, the White House press secretary who was seriously wounded in an assassination attempt made on President Ronald Reagan.

4. Gun Safety Alliance

A connection between business leaders, tech communities, and non-profit gun violence prevention organizations — Gun Safety Alliance is committed to helping with gun safety across the USA.

5. Memorial Fund for Detective Joseph Seals

A GoFundMe has been started in honor and memory of Detective Joseph Seals, the police officer who was shot and killed during this incident. The GoFundMe page has been set up by the JCPOBA to raise money that will go directly to the Seals family to help cover the cost of housing, education, and other expenses for the five children of Detective Seals.

6. My Heart 4 Jersey City

Help the victims of Jersey City by donating to the My Heart 4 Jersey City campaign. The campaign will help support the family of Linda Minda Ferencz, one of the victims in the shooting, help cover funeral costs, help renovate and reestablish JC Kosher, and help establish “robust security and protection in the Jersey City Jewish community.”

7. Douglas Rodriguez Victim of the JC Shooting

A GoFundMe is being held to raise money for Douglas Rodriguez, a victim of the JC shooting. The money raised will be going towards covering the expenses of Rodriguez’s funeral.

Our thoughts are with our Jersey City community and the victims’ families. <3


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