Top {#Hoboken} Photos of the Week

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As we head back to work after a super soggy Sunday {turned beautiful afternoon}, we hope that you were anxiously awaiting this week’s round-up of top #Hoboken-featured Instagrammers! Although the rain storm outside may have brought this lovely warm heat wave, these shots remind us of the dry {beautiful-but-frigid} weather that graced us last week,which allowed our talented ‘grammers to capture the awesome shots that follow.


photo by @3riannamichelle

This looks like a beautiful watercolor painting – a pure gift to our best of #Hoboken competition!


photo by @djtakefive

We loved this unlikely {church-themed} submission after so many waterfront captures; thanks for sharing your view!


photo by @jjlr

This charming capture was a no-brainer winner. How could you not love this little #Hoboken vignette on Court Street?


photo by @macd1384

Can you believe this was #NoFilter? Just Hoboken casually showing off its view.


photo by @mchiaviello

Atypical {ferry} location, but artistic nonetheless {we’re quite impressed}!


photo by @mightymongoose

B&W filters make everything more beautiful, don’t you think?


photo by @raynorshine819

Beautiful sunrise or a Star Wars spaceship heading our way? You decide.


photo by @richbean81

Last but certainly not least: adore this creative angle captured by one artistic #Hoboken resident.

Thank you to all for your #Hoboken submissions!

Don’t forget to hashtag #Hoboken and tag @hobokengirlblog on Instagram, and your artistic Hoboken snapshot might be featured in our next photo round-up!

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Genna moved to Hoboken upon graduating from the University of Tennessee to start her Marketing career at HGTV, and is most currently at The Knot in downtown Manhattan. To Genna, there's nothing better than cheering on UT football, soaking in warm sunny weather on her balcony, and watching starry-skied movies on Pier 13. You may have spotted Genna as a customer associate at Anthropologie ...that is, when she's not doing Hot Yoga or punching bags at CKO! Most days, you can find Genna circling the Mile Square on an early morning run or attempting to justify her shopping habits along Washington Street.

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