Trendy Treasures {at Tia’s Place} in Jersey City

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If you’ve walked down Grove Street in Jersey City, you’ve most likely come across Tia’s Place, a local boutique housing a variety of fashionable goods and accessories. Tia’s Place was named after the owners’ grandmother, a personal touch of the ex-Wall Street boutique owner. Thirteen years ago, Tia’s Place {at 277 Grove Street in Jersey City} started as a personal venture in Jersey City and most recently expanded into a second location in New York City {PSA for all of your NYC fashionista friends}.

For this local boutique spotlight series, we’ll rank each boutique from 1-5 in the following categories: first impression, variety, ambiance, convenience, and authenticity. Then, there will be a final “get up and go” comprehensive overall score where 1 = nah, pass and 5 being MUST-GO ASAP — so let’s get to it:

First Impression: 4


An adorable storefront shielded by a scalloped canopy awning awaits; this huge space is accessorized to the max {seriously, accessories on every corner and wall} as you walk into the store greeted by piles and piles of goodies.

Variety/Size: 5


There’s no lack of variety at Tia’s, that’s for sure. From beads to sparkles and casual to chic — Tia’s has something for everyone. Not to mention there’s lots of space in the store which makes shopping {even with a crowd} a much more pleasant experience.

Ambiance: 4

The owner seems to truly care about the shopping experience of the customer, which is always V important and noticeable for the boutique frequenters. String lights and carefully-thought-out product placement really make a difference. To an extent, they could even afford to focus more on the products and place less out, but it really is quite a view and variety, and all-in-all Tia’s Place has got it going on.


Convenience: 5

A FOUR-minute walk from the Grove Street PATH station is a new record, and one of the most convenient {Jersey City} boutiques yet.

Authenticity: 3

Tia’s carries much of the niche boutique brands and styles — similar to Dear Hannah {tears} in Hoboken – but also more popular labels such as Paige jeans, which they carry at Anthropologie. Tia’s does not mess around when it comes to providing for shoppers, and the prices are reasonable which makes the store a go-to in the area.

Final ‘Get Up & Go’ Score: 4


The striped cabanas they use as dressing rooms are reason enough to check out Tia’s: completely unique and oh-so-sassy {exhibit A below}.

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