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Things to Do on Garden Street in Hoboken

by Risha Jagadish
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Local businesses, lush green parks, and incredibly gorgeous apartments are just some of the many reasons why a walk down Garden Street in Hoboken is an absolute must. Located a few blocks behind Washington Street {considered to be one of the busiest and liveliest in the neighborhood} is Garden, a street that brings together quaint coffee shops and picturesque houses making it feel like an intimate communal neighborhood.

We’re excited to continue with our latest ‘Street Series’. Read along to learn more about the hidden spots to visit along Garden Street in Hoboken. We’ll take you from downtown to uptown and share all the local businesses and sights to see.

Downtown Garden {Newark Street – 4th Street}

Greek Town {86 Garden Street}

Greek Town

{Photo credit: @greektownhoboken}

Hoboken has a plethora of food options and one of the best parts about this neighborhood is the local hidden gems that can be found on every block. Greek Town has an exquisite menu with a variety of food options to choose from, and the greek salad with feta cheese topped off with olive oil might just be the best lunch accompaniment for those zoom meetings.

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Nail Atelier {168 1st Street}

Everyone deserves perfectly shaped nails and artistic designs that will keep the compliments pouring in. Mani/Pedi sessions are a special time to relax and tend to yourself, and the management and nail technicians at Nail Atelier are attentive, friendly, and accommodating. The salon is spacious and they have a variety of nail colors to choose from.

Sweet {343 Garden Street}


{Photo credit: @sweethoboken}

Ever find yourself looking at a cupcake that’s too pretty to eat? Sweet’s menu does just that. The owner, Angela Park, originally opened the bakery in 2008 and has won the hearts of the community ever since. They have a standard size as well as miniature cupcakes for any upcoming celebrations with irresistible flavors such as peanut butter, red velvet, lemon, and fluffernutter. They also specialize in custom cakes for weddings, gender reveal parties or any occasion.

Church Square Park

Church square park has it all—a basketball court, luscious green grass for a morning workout or mid-day picnic, a dog park as well as a children’s play area. It is also conveniently located to the Hoboken library, restaurants, and coffee shops in the area. The famous ‘Farmer’s market’ also takes place here during summer.

Tastebuds Tacos {400 Garden Street}


{Photo credit: @tastebuds_hob}

New York City might be the mecca of the food truck movement, but Hoboken surely lucked out with this Taco truck. Located on the corner of Garden and 4th, Tastebuds Tacos has a mouth-watering menu and has options for both veggie and meat lovers.

Midtown Garden {5th Street – 9th Street}

Moran’s Pub {501 Garden Street}

Moran's Pub

{Photo credit: @moranshoboken}

Moran’s has been home to the finest pint of Guinness this side of the Atlantic for over 25 years. Overlooking Church Square Park on the corner of Garden and 5th, the bright red doors and friendly staff are hard to miss. Aside from the dinner menu, they also have a well-crafted brunch menu and the ambiance is a perfect setup to enjoy a mimosa in the warm days ahead of us.

St. Mary Advocates Thrift Store {536 Garden Street}

St Mary Advocates Inc. Thrift Store

{Photo credit: @hobokenthriftstore}

One of the most exciting things about visiting a thrift store is you often walk in expecting nothing, and walk out with some unique finds at extremely reasonable prices. The staff here is extremely friendly and helpful and they have a variety of clothing options {both for men and women} as well as kitchenware gems that are worth checking out and let’s face itthrift shopping is good for the environment, wallet, and your wardrobe.

Hidden Grounds {700 Garden Street}

Hidden Grounds Coffee

{Photo credit: @hiddengroundscoffee}

Hidden Grounds was started in 2013. Patel and Kumar took a chance on their coffee shop and it became an instant hit. Trust hidden grounds to deliver the perfect ambiance, freshly brewed coffee, and delectable rose chai that will keep you coming back for more. They also offer jugs of your favorite Hidden Grounds Drinks that include the chai, rose, and matcha latte.

Mr. Wraps {741 Garden Street}

Mr Wrap's

{Photo credit: @mrwrapshoboken}

Whether it be the BBQ Chicken Wrap or the Taco Wrap, Mr. Wraps will always be there to satisfy your wrap cravings.

Mario’s Pizza {742 Garden Street}

Mario's Pizza

{Photo credit: @mariospizzahoboken}

Mario’s classic pizza is a family-owned business and has been in operation since 1985, and is today a staple in the Hoboken community. Mario’s Classic Pizza boasts a menu of more than 40 different options, from pizzas to salads and sandwiches to subs.

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Uptown Garden {9th Street – 14th Street} 

Olivia’s {1038 Garden Street}


{Photo credit: @olivias_nj}

Olivia’s, a new Mediterranian + Latin fusion restaurant on a quaint corner just opened up and an upscale dining and cocktails experience. HG Tip: The interior is very Instagrammable. 

 Dino & Harry’s Steakhouse {163 14th Street}

Dino + Harry's Steakhouse

{Photo credit: @dinoandharryssteakhouse}

This steakhouse embraces its heritage while taking advantage of the historic building in which it operates – a circa late-1800’s edifice. Built as a longshoreman’s saloon, the atmosphere has been preserved retaining most of its original architectural details. The renowned restaurant has also been deemed one of the top three steakhouses in NJ and is worth a visit for its exclusive menu and experience.


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