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The Supper Club Hoboken Opens as Part of Bwè Kafe’s After Hours

by Diana Cooper
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Looking for a little Southern comfort in Hoboken? Look no further! The Supper Club Hoboken {a new dinner spot located at 1401 Adams Street} has southern food and an emphasis on Mediterranean and Californian cuisine.

The restaurant that’s bwè North End’s after-hours operation {bwè closes mid-day, and The Supper Club Hoboken opens at 5 PM} just opened on Saturday, November 7th. Founder and Executive Chef Greer Lou chatted with Hoboken Girl exclusively about the brand new Club that’s about to get a whole lot of attention! {Note: This location is not connected to the national members-only club, also known as The Supper Club}.

mac n cheese supper club hoboken

{Photo credit: @thesupperclubhoboken}

“I was approached by Maryanne Fike (co-founder of bwè kafe) in late August to come in and do dinner. I had consulted on the Seven Valleys’ Brunch Menu (Persian restaurant in Hoboken) and had created it a couple years ago and was friends with Maryanne. She saw this great opportunity with all the outdoor dining available to open for dinner in the evenings – so after hours for the coffee shop – with the beautiful viaduct covering and the sidewalk seating,” Lou shared with Hoboken Girl. “I immediately said YES without hesitating!”

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Just looking at the photos on The Supper Club Hoboken’s website has us wanting to take a bite into each colorful plate! Like the creamy Mac ‘n Cheese, Orange-Almond Olive Oil Cake, and Sweet Potato and Lentil Soup – each dish seems delicious and vibrant.

olive oil cake supper club hoboken

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{Photo credit: @thesupperclubhoboken}

“I love the sweet and salty balance of food. I have some classical Italian food like Chicken al Mattone, which is chicken cooked under a brick that creates its crispy skin. And then the polenta and grits, so it feels very complimentary,” the Chef, who grew up in Rome, Georgia, shared. “Lasagna can be envisioned in many ways, but one of the things I love about food is incorporating lots of vegetables. I’m not vegetarian, but I love vegetable-forward menus. So this is a Butternut Squash Lasagna with some honeynut squash in it and leeks and smoked Gouda. The smokiness of the Gouda makes it seem so savory…I feel there’s something for everyone on the menu.”

The menu itself is not the only notable element about the restaurant – Chef Lou has a very impressive background, it’s no wonder the restaurant has a unique blend! She graduated from The Culinary Institute of America about 20 years ago, worked at Alice Waters’ Chez Panisse and Restaurant in CA, worked on recipe development at Williams Sonoma Headquarters, and helped cook “soups and sauces for 800 employees” at Pixar Animation Studios. Before opening The Supper Club Hoboken, she held private cooking lessons for a high-profile client in the Hamptons for seven years, taught at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City, and launched her own catering business.

chef greer lou supper club hoboken

{Pictured: Chef Greer Lou; Photo caption from @thesupperclubhoboken: “28 years ago I ate a momentous lunch at Lutece and watched the eminent Chef Andre Soltner tour his dining room greeting guests and I thought, “that’s what I want to do.” Fast forward and here I am greeting guests at TSCH and so honored to serve a menu I’m proud of to Hoboken. Loved working with my dream team and meeting such nice neighbors on opening day #blessed}

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“I liked this idea because it was dinner only, so [we] just called it The Supper Club to give that feeling of friendliness and hominess,” Lou explained. “I love the fact that there’s such strong Italian roots in Hoboken, and that’s where my heart is in Italian cooking – the purity of the ingredients, the simplicity – and I feel that Hoboken has that really strong root, and I think what I can bring to that tradition is sort of the Southern aspect that can be a little bit unusual but approachable.”

The Supper Club Hoboken will soon be accepting online orders, but for now, you can enjoy all the deliciousness in person when the restaurant is open Friday to Monday from 5 PM to 10 PM. For more information, check out their menu and follow them on Instagram for more mouth-watering plates.

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