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The Shepherd and The Knucklehead is A Craft-Beer {and Pretzel} Lover’s HEAVEN

by Marley
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I don’t usually drink beer. I don’t often order steak. But put them together at Hoboken’s new haven for Sunday football — The Shepherd and The Knucklehead?


Located at 1313 Willow Avenue in place of Smokin Barrel {and pretty soon directly across from Trader Joe’s}, this new spot hails from its OG location in Haledon, NJ and is seriously giving us something to write home {literally} about when it comes to fun sports bars in town with a twist.


If you’ve been, you may have seen the lines out the door on football Sunday. But we’ve decided those lines could very well be for something more than football.

The Shep has the best local craft beer list (specializing in Jersey beers, which we love) in Hoboken. Hands down. Although it’s relatively close to the Pilsener Haus, it’s a totally different selection and vibe. The 60 beers on tap are ever-changing…sort of like it the selection is ALIVE.




For example, my friends and I wanted some seasonal beer {because, fall}. We had our choice of about seven pumpkin beers on tap on the menu, and then an extra two that the owner just HAPPENED to rotate in on a whim.

Check out the full menu for beer, here.



Now let’s talk food.

When it comes to noshes, The Shep doesn’t skimp. Portions are LARGE and IN-CHARGE. I’d recommend a large pretzel and some buffalo chicken egg rolls to share with the table. The pretzel was very fluffy and light. The spring rolls are also available in 3 other styles. Check them out on the menu for food, here.


Then it’s time to get greedy. Can I make a recommendation? Steak. Get the steak. The Shep can cook a flank steak like woah {tender, juicy, the works}. THEN —The Shep can hover it delicately over a bed of greens or lay it down over a buttery slice of French bread open-sandwich style.



Both options? Made us forget is was football Sunday…all together.

Overall, the vibe was fun, not too crazy {if you don’t count the MAJ bass untz untzing during commercials} but packed for the games. The servers were attentive, but be warned they don’t all have equally the same extensive beer knowledge, so make sure you study up a little bit on your hops before nosediving into the menu. Either way — a solid spot to fulfill the uptown Hoboken craft beer scene needs. Because we’re hipster {?} like that.

Have you been to The Shep?

What did you order — and what did you think about the beer selection? Tell us in the comments below.

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