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The Hoboken Bride: 15 Things I Learned On My Wedding Day {Our Editor Tells All!}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Getting married in Hoboken? Jersey City? Anywhere, USA? Then you must read this. Our editor weighs in and shares a peek into her special day with some crucial tips on being a Hoboken {or anywhere} bride! 

Our wedding day was the most memorable day of my  life — one that I can pretty much remember from start to finish. It’s hard to compare that to any other day, so filled with love, laughter, and life. No matter how high on love and happiness we were, there are a few crucial things I learned on my wedding day that I wanted to share. Here they are:


1. Surround yourself with people you love. All day.


^The lady loves of my life!

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There is so much going on the day of your wedding — make sure the people actually “with” you on the day are people that you want to be there. Meaning — bridal party, your mom/mother-in-law, etc. You’ll all be together so serve some drinks to calm everyone’s nerves {but go easy til after photos/the ceremony}. And play some fun jams {we were blasting Juvenile and Ja Rule for most of the morning, nothing sappy in this hotel suite!}. And that goes for invites as well; a good motto to have: if they don’t wish us well in our lives together, they don’t need to come!


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2. Find a dress that you will feel comfortable in the whole night.

Aly of Aly’s Bridal in Hoboken was wonderful {and local} in helping me alter my dress to perfection. You should have SEEN how much tulle was involved in the dress {probably about 15 layers} before we took it out to about 3 layers! I originally bought the dress at VOWS in Boston – it was a Lazaro gown, and one of the first dresses I tried on.

3. Embrace the wedding backdrop/scene, even if it’s not-your-average-wedding-photo.


For our wedding in Jersey City {at Battello}, we had a beautiful backdrop, but honestly — the sun was way too high in the sky and it was really tough to get photos on the waterfront at high noon. So, we embraced some local street art in Hoboken and JC — and really enjoyed ourselves!


4. Embrace the photography.  And take photos before the ceremony so you’re relaxed.


It’s so nice to be “done” with major amounts of photos before walking down the aisle. Of course, there’s always a chance that something could go wrong {ex: the groom’s pants could split – hehe}, but you will feel so ready to party once the reception is over {and it’s nice to have the time with your partner pre-ceremony to calm your nerves}. But, if you have a wedding planner {see #12} you’re good to go!


5. Have whomever you want walk you down the aisle.


I had my brother and my father walk me down the aisle — for the mere reason that they are both the most important men in my life, besides my husband. It was so special; a moment I’ll never forget {we walked down the aisle to Ed Sheeran’s version of In My Life by the Beatles}. I almost didn’t hold it together!


6. Your ceremony should ring true to you as a couple. And maaaybe do a receiving line?


We hired wedding officiant Celia Milton, and I can honestly say that it was such a beautiful ceremony that we could not have created better ourselves – she was amazing, and had everyone in tears and laughter! I will say I think that we should have done a receiving line in retrospect {even though we didn’t get married in a church – got married on the waterfront at our venue} — it was really hard to make sure we saw/chatted with all of the guests; that would have helped a bit!


7. Get a cake that you actually enjoy eating. And make sure to eat dinner!


In our case, it was a red velvet and cream cheese naked cake from Hudson CakerySO delicious! Really though, it should be a cake that you both enjoy as a couple and would want to eat. We also had carrot cake basketball cake pops which are the groom’s favorite. Our entrees were short ribs and scallops – Battello really hit it out of the park with those two options. I scarfed my food down in between photos & dancing – so important to eat!


8. Your table settings/centerpieces are important, but not that important.


^ A peek into our table settings, white florals not pictured

I loved ours {a  vintage lace combo of white florals + vintage cameras stacked on personalized kraft-paper covered books which I had created from some pinterest ideas} but just like with every wedding I’ve ever attended, the settings aren’t worth any stress. It will all be okay — no one really remembers them {take the advice from a professional wedding guest ova hurrr} unless they are hideous. PROMISE! It’s about your love, not your love of florals and ability to put together a nice table setting. And I loved mine!


9. Your guest book can be whatever you want it to be.


^The Haiku Guys’ typewriters, giving out free haikus at our wedding!

This is a duh {of course it can – it’s your wedding} — but it’s fun to think outside of the box! In our case, it was Free Haikus from the haiku guys — they set out typewriters and our guests could type us notes — which later went into a book they created for us. Guests could also request haikus written by the Haiku guys about any topic — which they’d type up and give to the guests.


10. Signature drinks are so fun! 


We created a signature bride & groom drink: A Vanilla Mule {groom’s drink – a vanilla vodka spin on a regular Moscow Mule} and a Something Blue {bride’s drink – prosecco & hypnotiq, don’t judge — hypnotiq and I had a thing in college}. Not necessary, but got people warm and toasty to start.


11. The DJ/playlist sets the mood.


Nothing gets the party started like a DJ! And a tie, for impromptu limbo purposes. Our DJ {Jason from SCE Events} also had an Instagram booth where guests could hashtag photos {#jennytystheknot} and guests could print them to take with them. Make sure to give your DJ {or band} an idea of songs and what is on your definitely play and do not play list — essential to make sure the songs are what you would like to hear. {For ex: *nsync, biggie smalls, uptown funk = play // beyoncé, electric slide, and locomotion = do not play}.



12. Get a wedding planner/coordinator.


^Our pup Pierre even was able to be in some photos {thanks to EVJ and Trusty Tails!}

We had Jacquelyn & Dana from EVJ Wedding Co help us coordinate the weekend and plans leading up to it — and truly couldn’t have enjoyed our day as much without them! I have to just share: Jacquelyn came to look at venues with us, florist appointments, watched {and cried!} at random wedding videos with me to choose a videographer, answered my dozens of emails, helped me craft emails to vendors and negotiate, stuffed guest hotel bags and delivered them to the hotels, and so many other behind-the-scenes things that went into crafting the most perfect day. A few things that I must mention that were crucial: helped fix my dress and shoe when I stepped in gum and got it on the bottom of my tulle, sewed the groom’s pants that split on the dance floor {haha}, sewed a random +1 wedding guest’s dress closed when she split it on the dance floor — 4 people actually split their pants/clothes in total, ha}, wiped up a champagne/glass spill on the middle of the dance floor faster than I’ve ever seen humanly possible {she beat the venue staff to it who were close behind her!}, and told the DJ to stop playing Beyonce because it was on our do not play list  — and so many other things I probably don’t even know! Dana actually gave me the SHOES OFF HER FEET when I realized I forgot my back-up dance flip flops so that I would be able to dance and not be in pain from hours of dancing and standing throughout the day! We literally would not have had the same type of day without them. KUDOS EVJ Team!


13. A Benny Tudino’s After Party is always a good idea.

hoboken girl wedding jennifer casson tripucka

^After two Benny’s slices and a few too many Something Blue signature drinks!

After a few months of not eating carbs, my body was ready for CHEEEEESE.  We had 45 pizza boxes piled high at our after party spot in the Westin in Jersey City {15 XL Benny’s pies, but they don’t fit in regular boxes}. After party food is a necessity, IMO. Totally worth it after months of training and clean eating with Iron Plate Studios.



14. Leave honeymoon planning to the professionals. And leave a few days {at least 1-2} after the wedding.


^A view from our room in Canaves Oia, Santorini

We hired Carli of the Honeymoon Concierge to help plan our honeymoon. It was literally the 3 week Italian/Greek honeymoon of our dreams, and we both were in awe of how amazing it was. More on that coming soon — it deserves a post of its own! It was so great though to have a few days to rest and recoop before we headed out of the country – if you can swing it, wait a few days before leaving.


15. Stand to the side with your spouse and take it all in.


^My groom and I, taking a few minutes to ourselves after the beginning of our reception.

This is a celebration of your and your partner and your love. Don’t get caught up in the little details – even though they can be fun. Celebrating your love with all of your relatives and friends around you is such an incredible, surreal thing  — enjoy the moment! It comes once in a lifetime, and deserves your complete, undivided attention. <3


Here’s a trailer video from our big day thanks to Forever Lucky Films {click this if the below video isn’t playing}:

Jennifer + Tyler / Forever Lucky Films / Jersey City, NJ from Forever Lucky Films on Vimeo.

Photography by Andy Todes {and Instagram hashtags!}.


Are you a Hoboken bride? Email us your wedding story/photos and you may be featured: [email protected]!


This post is NOT sponsored; all goods and services included above were paid for by the editor and are only mentioned to help with your local wedding planning needs as a Hoboken bride! – Jen

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