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The Everlast Lab: Hoboken Boxing and HIIT Training

by Elizabeth
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When it comes to hard-core training in Hoboken, the options are seemingly endless. With new boutique classes, studios, and gyms popping up almost every other week, it’s easy to overlook the tried and true spots of the Mile Square, which is why we want to {re}introduce the Everlast Lab at 358 Newark Street. For the past three years, the Lab has been offering a variety of high-intensity workouts in the form of private lessons, small group training, and weekly classes. While their main focus is boxing {a number of professional heavy-hitters call this place home}, they continue to offer a varied weekly schedule of classes that include a lethal combination of Tabata, kettlebell work, HIIT boxing, and a variety of other strength and conditioning methods. Let’s check it out.


Though the Lab might seem daunting at first, we can assure you that the facilities and staff are surprisingly non-intimidating and super welcoming to all levels. The space itself has a homier, warehouse-type feel, with an undoubtedly grittier vibe than some of the more plush studios in the area. The grittiness, though, feels appropriate considering the hardcore reputation of Everlast and the guarantee that you’re about to seriously sweat it out. Upon entering the two-room studio, you can most definitely expect to hear a round-the-clock soundtrack of hip-hop hits, with a nostalgic sprinkling of some irresistibly old-school anthems {yes, Juvenile and 50 Cent are officially considered old-school} that will have you raring to go. More often than not, you’ll run into Jeff Hunter, the gym manager/head trainer/boxing coach extraordinaire who, needless to say, will kick your butt if you dare to sign up for his 7AM Box + Bells class {and on a Friday morning, nonetheless}. Though the AM struggle is usually all too real, Jeff and his staff of trainers are always incredibly helpful and encouraging to both veterans and newcomers, offering the type of personalized attention that is more akin to a private session.


As we mentioned, the Lab is located right on Newark Street. Currently, the club features showers and lockers {super convenient for heading right into the city after one of their AM classes or after you hop back off the PATH in the evening}, as well as a pro shop with all the boxing supplies you will need for class. We should mention that newcomers don’t need to worry about buying their own wraps and gloves— the trainers can set you up with that at the beginning of each class. In other words, you’re out of excuses not to show up for the 7am class {even if you did consume an unmentionable amount of half-priced martinis at Tenth and Willow the night before}.

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Classes + Training

Though most of the classes are a hybrid of training methods and approaches, there is a clear focus for each class. Box + Bells, for example, features mostly {surprise, surprise} boxing and kettlebell work. This 45-minute class includes group and partnered training, as well as some one-on-one boxing time with Jeff that is super helpful for first-timers and seasoned boxers alike. More specifically, clients can expect some heavier kettle bell work {think swings, cleans, and deadlifts}, as well as exploring a variety of boxing combos on the bags. Besides five different weekly classes {yes, you can find them on ClassPass!}, the gym is also open daily for members and private training sessions, and includes a host of equipment that is sure to please even the most die-hard clients, including a 15×15 boxing ring, specialty bags, conditioning and speed ropes, plyometric boxes, sandbags, dumbbells, medicine balls, and a multi-functional CrossFit Rig.

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^ Trainer and manager,  Jeff Hunter, @hardwork_hardbody

Workout Difficulty

We’re not going to lie — the classes at Everlast are tough, and you will sweat. But as mentioned before, the trainers are incredibly welcoming and accommodating, and most of the classes are considered “open level” {we recommend the “Kettlebell to the Core” or “Strength and Conditioning” classes if it’s your first time and you’re still feeling wary about boxing}. All in all, training here is a great option when you feel like you need an extra challenge or just want to mix up your usual weekly barre/spin/Netflix binge rotation.


Currently, the Lab only charges $100 for monthly all-access {this means unlimited classes and use of any of the other facilities in the gym — if you’re looking to fit in a solo workout}. Just looking to check it out? New-comers can pay $20 to drop-in to any class throughout the week. Considering the astronomical prices for all-access passes to other studios and gyms in the area, we are considering this one an absolute steal, especially with the level of workout intensity and personal attention you can expect on any given day at the Lab.

Want to know more? You can check out both their Instagram and website for additional information about their weekly schedule, facilities, and on-site trainers.


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