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Tales of a Hoboken Homeowner {Part VII}: Moving Tips. Yes, More.

by Jennifer Tripucka
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This may feel like deja vu, but we have some moving tips for you. Since the last post we shared about moving in Hoboken, we’ve gained some more insight about moving and wanted to share them with you because moving is TERRIBLE. Here are 10 things we’ve learned to give you a heads up:



1. Assembling Furniture is Still Sexual.

There are still so many “That’s What She Said” moments. Especially building some IKEA furniture. Speaking of…


2…Building IKEA Furniture is HELL.

Your apartment will probably like this at one point when you start any IKEA project:

 ikea building

Anxiety. But this too shall pass…

3. Elevators are Way Better than Stairs.

Sorry, but they are. There’s no way around this.


4. Cable Guys are Always Late.


Chances are, you’ll take a day off to get stuff done around your new home {aka for the cable guy}, and guess what? The cable guy showed up 3 hours past the window I was given and then took 3 hours to put everything together. Make sure you’ve got some wine, books, and a phone charger — just in case.


5. Hiring a Moving Company Saves Stress and Friends.

The major plus: your friends will still want to talk to you after it’s all said and done.  It’s so worth it.


6. Label Your Boxes.



There’s nothing like searching for plates in 10 boxes before you find the right one. Labels are simple, yet often passed over…trust us: JUST DO IT. Not as pretty as the labels above, but still.


7. Try to put everything away in correct storage and organizational containers first time around. 


Don’t do everything twice. Put it away in the correct place the FIRST time around. Simple yet profound advice: Touch something only once before it’s put away.


8. A Washer/Dryer is a God Sent.



You never know how much you miss it until it’s gone.  You never realize how much laundry you put off doing just because you don’t feel like dragging it downstairs to the coin machines or to the wash & fold. Plus, there is nothing like weekly clean sheets and hot towels fresh outta the dryer. 

PS: If you need a GREAT {delivery/pick-up} dry cleaning and wash and fold service at most times of the day in Hoboken — Orange Wash Laundromat on 3rd and Jackson is amazing. Call them and they will pretty much pick up and deliver at any time of day. Top notch service and super affordable! If you need something cleaned day of, it’s totally doable for them. So great.


9. Get a Dog Sitter.

Pierre Hoboken Girl

Your dog will have a serious anxiety attack as you keep him/her locked up in a cage while you move life as they know it out the door to the new apartment. Best to give your pup a day at doggy day care or with a friend to avoid the hell show of moving.


10. Late-Night Lowe’s Trips are Inevitable.

Lowe’s kicks Home Depot’s a$$ if you ask us. It’s way more user friendly and better laid out. The Lowe’s on Route 17 N off of Route 3 is the way to go. That’s where our editor got her bathroom tile and vanity/sink!


…and that’s all for now, folks. Hopefully we won’t have any more moving tips for a long while, since moving b—looooows.


What are some tips you have for moving in Hoboken?
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