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Tales of a Hoboken Homeowner {Part V}: Hoboken Handyman Kitchen Remodel {Before & After}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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UPDATE 6/20/15: Hoboken Handyman is under new ownership, so we cannot speak to current status of quality of home improvements/handywork.

If you missed last week’s post on my bathroom remodel with Hoboken Handyman, click here. They did such an amazing job, we figured we would kill two birds and do our kitchen too. On to the to-do list:

hoboken handyman

I must say that our old kitchen was by no means a bad kitchen. However, when you’re spending a lot of money on your own condo, you think to yourself…hey, what’s another few 1000$ {it’s a sick way to think actually, because it can be applied to purses, shoes, makeup, and a host of other things I really don’t need}!

Anyway, this is what it looked like “pre” Hoboken Handyman:

photo 3 (2)

It had cherry stained floors and a reddish “generic” cabinets with black appliances. And formica countertops. Meh. We wanted something a bit more modern and sleek. I had visions of white cabinets with charcoal gray or brownish granite with stainless steel appliances — which was definitely not what we had bought.

Like I said in my last Hoboken Homeowner post, Hoboken Handyman – a handyman and remodeling service {by Paul Fried & Peter Glodek – seasoned builders/contractors in Hoboken} came to my apartment to go over my extensive condo to-do list. They began work on the bathroom, and simultaneously the kitchen remodel took place.

The whole kitchen process took about a week and a half — which in contractor time is extremely fast. Paul & Peter again were super professional, timely, and of course — talented. They even gave me some tips on things they thought would work well in the kitchen which helped tremendously {where to stop the backsplash, what colors would look good if painted}. We were deciding between redoing the cabinets completely {new doors} OR just painting them and adding hardware…

photo 3

The old cabinets!

We opted for new granite countertops and a backsplash {which I think really adds a nice touch to the room}. We also bought hardware and just had Hoboken Handyman paint the cabinets a color white that we chose.

For all of these projects, Paul & Peter brought in their own vendors {I definitely trust their opinion since they have been building in and around Hoboken for years}:

1. For buying our appliances, it was easy peasy — I went to Lowe’s and Home Depot and then sent Paul the models I liked via email {we went for a GE stainless steel}, and he connected me with an appliance seller he often works with. I got all of my appliances {stainless steel dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, and gas stove} for slightly less than $3000 — which was DEFINITELY cheaper than Home Depot or Lowe’s for all 4 of the same brand. And delivered to my door with no delivery charges. Then Hoboken Handyman installed them all the same day. So awesome.

photo 3

Blue wrapping still on — loving my new GE stainless steel appliances…and the kitchen cabinet painting begins!

2. For our countertops, we again trusted the Hoboken Handyman stamp of approval — Paul & Peter work with Romano & Son, a granite and marble company that installs countertops in kitchens and bathrooms around New Jersey {and of course, Hoboken}. They are located in Lodi, but travel to deliver the countertops and install them. I just love working with local and family-owned vendors, which is exactly what Mr. Romano and his son are. Mr. Romano actually started his business in Italy and brought it to America…and I must say that the superior craftmanship and quality shows. They often install marble and granite in mansions in the Franklin Lakes area {as well as places like Hoboken}.

photo 2

My new quartz countertops. In heaven.

So, I picked out the color I wanted {a grayish brown marble-esque quartz [quartz is the “new” granite – this one was Caesarstone}, and they came in the next day to measure. A few days later, my countertops were installed and lookin’ fiiiiiiine. Seriously though, we couldn’t be happier. They were so professional, easy to work with, flexible, and the quartz is BEAUTIFUL. I cannot say enough about Romano & Son + their amazing artwork that is my countertop. I’m in LOOOOOVE. They also put in a d-ring stainless steel sink:

photo 2 (2)

Pardon the photo, I hadn’t wiped the countertops yet when I took this pic! But see? It kind of looks like a D.

Shameless plug here because they are seriously THAT awesome — if you need countertops or are seriously considering getting new ones in your kitchen, give them a call 973-472-3240 and tell them Jen from HobokenGirl.com sent you.

{NOT sponsored, just awesome}.

3. Picked out the backsplash for Hoboken Handyman to install – trying to match the marble vein hue to my current mani = SUCCESS:

Loved that this Home Depot marble backsplash has hints of gray and brown which brings the whole room together.

Loved that this Home Depot marble backsplash has hints of gray and brown which brings the whole room together. You’ll see it better when you scroll down:

So — the final product of our kitchen? Here are a few after photos {mind you we still need to change the colors of our outlets to white!}:

photo 4

photo 1 (2)

kitchen hoboken girl

I really cannot say enough good things about both Romano & Son and Hoboken Handyman. I highly recommend both companies as reliable, flexible, quality choices in making your home an even more beautiful place to be! Our kitchen was done in less than 2 weeks, and the process was honestly one of the simpler parts of being a new homeowner {probably the hardest part was picking out the countertop color and backsplash, for realz}. Make sure to contact Peter & Paul to get a Hoboken Handyman estimate on how much your nagging home task or project would be HERE {or call 201.683.6000} — again, not sponsored, just awesome.

What do you think of our kitchen remodel?

Part VI coming soon… {on to our floors and walls – yes Paul & Peter do that too 🙂 !}

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