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A Sneak Peek of Hoboken’s Newest Co-Working Space

by Stephanie Spear
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The best parts of working in an office and the comfiest parts of working from home come together in the newest membership-based coworking space in Hoboken, Sweven. The space at 33-41 Newark Avenue in Hoboken, is designed to meet the needs of its members, offering meeting rooms, event space, a podcast studio, a media production team, and more. Sweven is part of the Antique Bar & Bakery and Antique Loft family, and the same welcoming feeling at its other venues carries over to this new space. Read on to learn more about Hoboken’s newest coworking space.

About the Concept

sweven co working space hoboken

Sweven is a Dutch word meaning ‘a vision or dream.’ Owner Joe Castelo came across the word while reading a psychology paper and felt that it summed up exactly what he wanted out of the coworking space. “I wanted to create a space where people could manifest whatever it was they wanted. It doesn’t necessarily have to be work, it can be art, a creative project, anything.”

sweven co working space hoboken

Joe says that during the pandemic, he and many others realized that what was missing from remote work was the community that a workplace creates. “Work isn’t just where you get a paycheck, it’s where you create a community. Members here can interact, meet people from different backgrounds and career paths,” he said. “[Membership] is a worthy investment to be around these people to collaborate, interact, and gain inspiration. Is an abundant experience, really incredible things can come from it.”

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The purpose of Sweven is to give members a place where anything can happen: ‘heads down’ work, a collaborative meeting, a formal presentation, media production, or a catered event.

“Members curate what goes on here. There are all kinds of things going on like a DJ class, a poetry slam, cooking classes, and corporate training events,” Joe said. Many events are open to the public, and something new is always being added to the lineup.

sweven co working space hoboken

Creative Director of Operations Jamison Harvey has been involved with the Sweven project since it was merely an idea and says that the physical space is as close to the original vision as could be. Jamison went on to say that Hoboken is the ideal spot for a space like this. “Hoboken has so much going on, and such a rich history. People come here and do all kinds of things,” he said. The blend of people’s stories is so interesting and that’s what we want to encourage here, the blending of stories.”

About the Space

sweven co working space hoboken

Sweven is in the same building as the Antique Loft, and its close proximity to the PATH station is a huge perk. Joe designed the space and picked everything out himself, and it has a deliberately homey and vintage vibe – think: Mad Men vibes.

He said “[I] want people to be able to interact with each other and the surroundings. There are art books and photography books around, I want people to pick them up and be inspired.”

Jamison says that the space’s eclectic feel is meant to mimic the ideal combination of members. “Everything here is unique,” he said. “There are a lot of one-of-a-kind and custom-made pieces. We hope that that carries over to the membership.” Some of the custom-made pieces include a DJ Pulpit, oversized tables, and a variety of smaller coffee and occasional tables. There are pieces of vintage art and interesting knick-knacks throughout.

sweven co working space hoboken

The space really does look like a living room: elegant leather couches and chairs dot the space, while a fun array of art adorns the wall. Some of the art includes one-of-a-kind pieces from American artists such as Shepherd Fairy and Butch Anthony. Local photographer, John Conn’s work is on display. Several vintage mid-century modern pieces are in the mix, and there is a vintage record player with records ready to go. There are long tables to spread out papers and notebooks, and tall windows letting in natural light. The casual, inviting design is on purpose.

sweven co working space hoboken

“I really want people to interact with each other. The point is for members to talk to each other about different ideas, and not just work,” Joe said.

There are a variety of workspaces available, from the common areas to larger conference rooms, with a mix of smaller-sized conference rooms and some single-seater workspaces as well. The walls in the private spaces are painted with whiteboard paint, so each space is ready for the next big idea.

A cafe is in the space, equipped with a DeLonghi espresso maker, and will be stocked with all the good stuff from Antique.

sweven co working space hoboken

To get a breath of fresh air, visitors merely take the stairs or elevator one floor up to take in the space’s incredible views of the NYC skyline. Members can go directly from the coworking space to the event space in one building. It can hold private events such as a reception or a product launch, and bigger events like a concert or other performances. “Going forward we will have musical performances here,” Joe said. “We want to pull from the whole East Coast to bring in performers.”

Member Services

sweven co working space hoboken

Joe is particularly excited about some of the more unusual offerings for a coworking space. One such amenity is a full-service media production studio, the “Podcast Parlour.” Joe has a background in film production and took special care to make sure the space was as user-friendly as possible. There is an on-site producer in addition to the physical production space, which is a sound-treated room with video and audio capabilities. Sweven has a list of freelancers who can come in to help edit and produce a piece. Same with graphic designers or other creative professionals.

sweven co working space hoboken

Another highlight is the event space, Antique Loft, with its own catering kitchen. Since the space is part of the Antique family, on-site events have on-site catering provided by Antique. This type of amenity is common in big corporate spaces, but the setup of Sweven means that even a one-person operation can access a gorgeous space with top-notch professional catering, and bartending. Members can work with Sweven and Antique staff to create just the right vibe for their event, from lighting to music to the menu.

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What’s Next

sweven co working space hoboken

Both Joe and Jamison are excited to see who comes through the space, what kind of work will happen, and what the members come up with themselves. “A year from now, we’d love to see a full calendar of events, lots of performances, and classes.” Jamison said. “Since the membership structure is monthly, we’d love to see people coming in from out of town and using this space as their home base. The idea that we can have people coming in with all different perspectives is really the goal.”

sweven co working space hoboken

Jamison would like to see a variety of artists-in-residence, working in all different media, including food, music, and art. This fits into Joe’s goal, which he says, is to “curate a vibe.” Joe says, “This is a space for collaboration and convening. We want people to talk to each other and make connections.”

To learn more about Sweven Hoboken, visit its website, Facebook, or Instagram pages.

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