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Suicide Resources in New Jersey

by Bertha Solis
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September is National Suicide Prevention Month, devoted to raising awareness around this national mental health-related concern. During September, mental health organizations, survivors, allies, and advocates come together as one to help provide resources and raise awareness of suicide. Read on to learn more about suicide prevention resources in New Jersey.

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NJ Hopeline/988 Suicide + Crisis Hotline | Online + Phone

Known as “The New Jersey Suicide Prevention Hopeline” or “NJ Hopeline,” for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, it provides free and confidential help for those suffering from emotional distress or contemplating suicide. This hotline is available all across the U.S. — including New Jersey where professionals work to help those in need. There are resources available in Spanish and for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Visit the website here.

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American Foundation for Suicide Prevention | PO Box 3188, Wayne

Founded in 1987, this New York-based organization has expanded across the country — including New Jersey. AFSP is dedicated to bringing support and education surrounding suicide. This is done through suicide prevention programs, educating residents about signs and risk factors, and raising funds to keep these kinds of programs going. The organization hosts events and activities to bring awareness and the community together. Volunteer opportunities are also available and applications can be filled out here.

New Jersey Department of Human Services | 222 South Warren Street, PO Box 700, Trenton

The New Jersey Department of Human Services has a dedicated division called the Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services specializing in mental health concerns including suicide. There is a section on its website that has a list of hotlines, helplines, and treatment directories. Informational brochures surrounding suicide are available for reference and how to help individuals who are struggling. Visit the website here.

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Prevent Suicide New Jersey | Online

This organization has worked with individuals, state departments, professional and community organizations, schools, and families on ways to prevent suicide. Prevent Suicide New Jersey is open to all New Jersey residents, educators, and advocates, among others. Also, there is an online training center that provides suicide prevention courses to take such as “Safe Messaging” and “Warning Signs” — registration date courses can be checked through this link. Events are held throughout the state to raise awareness and to have open discussions about suicide.

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Suicide Prevention Resource Center | Online

With a more national focus, this website still has many resources available with easy online access. It has an effective plan outline for suicide prevention and gives a step-by-step approach to how to reach the core solution. There’s an online library where people can access reading sources about statistics and fact sheets on suicide. Training programs that include webinars, learning labs, self-paced courses, and discussions are available online.

The JED Foundation | 530 7th Avenue, Suite 801, New York

Although this organization isn’t based in New Jersey, it has made an impact advocating for suicide prevention by visiting high schools and college campuses. The JED Foundation was founded in 2000 when the founders lost their son, Jed to suicide. Since then, The JED Foundation has spoken about and supported teens’ and young adults’ emotional health and shared suicide prevention practices. In March 2023, The JED Foundation held a pilot event titled Neon Lights at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken. This is an event series that encourages participants to “glow” for mental health. Students and other guests shared stories related to mental health and raised $13,000. Visit the website here.

The Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide | 110 West Main Street, Freehold

The two founders and friends of this organization started SPTS in 2005 after losing their teenage children to suicide. Since then, SPTS has been devoted to increasing suicide awareness, providing training programs, and educating teens, parents, and schools about the topic. On their website, different categories are found geared towards each individual, where necessary tools and resources can be found to better assist.

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The Trevor Project | Online

For the LGBTQ+ youth community, The Trevor Project is geared towards this population to assist with times of crisis. There is a 24/7 suicide hotline that can be reached by phone call, chat, and text — it’s completely free and confidential. Individuals are then connected with professional counselors who can assist them. Also, online articles are available for reference on how to prevent suicide, signs, and how to get help. Visit the website here.

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