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Spell Bathing: A Jersey City Resident’s New Skincare Line

by Victoria Marie Moyeno
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Aishwarya Gupta, a Jersey City resident, grew up using homemade skincare and beauty products because of her sensitive skin. She is a burn survivor and therefore was not able to use basic everyday lotions and balms that everyone else was using — but that didn’t stop her from indulging in beautiful and effective products, in fact, it’s what pushed her to become the creator she is today through her small business, Spell Bathing. Learn more about Aishwarya’s homemade products that are chemical- and preservative-free. 

About Aishwarya

spell bathing skincare jersey city

Aishwarya has called Jersey City home for over four years now. Because of her skin condition as a burn survivor, she could never use the “fancy packaged body care products” as she describes them. Like most teens, she was obsessed with having beautiful and flawless skin. “I would always urge my mom and grandma to make stuff that would make me beautiful. Since everything that was being used on my skin had to be natural and mild, they turned to time-tested Ayurvedic ingredients and started formulating products,” Aishawarya told Hoboken Girl

She’s active in her community and believes in the power of giving back. “Due to personal reasons, I wasn’t working for the past four years. During this time, I decided to volunteer my time and skills at a non-profit committed to building Jersey City a more sustainable place. People would come to me and ask incredulously, why am I wasting my time and working for free? What will I gain out of it? But this truly has been the most rewarding part of my life so far, she said.

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“I gained so much more than money! I made connections with people who became friends and almost family. These are the people who poured infinite love and support when I started my business. I have also become more conscious of my sustainability efforts. I watch my waste, compost, recycle and upcycle things. I truly got involved with the community.”

The Skincare Products

spell bathing skincare jersey city

All Spell Bathing skincare products are chemical and preservative-free — and are handmade with love. “With Spell Bathing, I am committed to making everyone feel beautiful and confident in their own skin,” says Aishwarya. 

spell bathing skincare jersey city

Inspiration is often sparked by fond memories and early-on experiences. For Aishwarya, watching and learning how her mother and grandmother put together all-natural ingredients to make skincare products that effectively worked for her skin is what inspired her to start making her own products for herself and now, with the world. Nature also plays a big role in the inspiration behind her products. “I love nature is simple yet intricate. It asks for so little while giving so much life to everything around it. It has always amazed me how nature rebuilds itself up after a calamity — no matter what happens, it finds a way to thrive. Its beauty mesmerizes me and provides inspiration for my products.”

The Process of Creating

spell bathing skincare jersey city

Aishwarya believes that the two most important things for creating safe products are good manufacturing practices and not compromising on product quality. She chose all-natural ingredients and listed them out on the label of each product so that people know exactly what they are using. 

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She also tests every batch before the product is packaged. “COVID-19 has made me ramp up safety measures as well. I sanitize and disinfect my workspace every day. Every container, equipment I use is disinfected and safe, she said”

A Typical Day 

spell bathing skincare jersey city

“As for any mom, I try to organize my days, but often have to adapt and be quick on my feet to keep up with my two babies — my three-year-old daughter, and Spell Bathing. Together, they keep me occupied,” says Aishawarya.

“I usually start my day with Aloe Vera juice and fresh lemon juice in lukewarm water. I use the first half of my day for household chores, shopping, and taking care of my daughter. The second half is focused on making products, fulfilling orders, business planning, networking, and attending any community events. I like to work late at night so that I can get some quiet time. I also try to go for a run at least thrice a week to keep myself healthy and sane,” she explained.

Get In Touch

spell bathing skincare jersey city

Aishwarya hopes to open her first brick and mortar location by fall. Until then, follow Spell Bathing on Instagram and Facebook @spellbathing, and shop her skincare products via the website. To contact her directly, email [email protected].


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