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This Jersey City Based Business Creates Naturally Made Body Soap

by Brittany Butryn
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Rustic Elements is a natural and minimalistic company focused on selling all-natural soap and body products. Carefully with very few ingredients, their products are free of chemicals and preservatives. Though Rustic Elements is a Jersey City-based business, its products are available to purchase online on the website, but now, its retail presence has expanded to Amazon and Walmart. We love a local glow-up story and this JC soap company has made quite a name for themselves. Read on to learn all about Rustic Elements and its high-quality, low-ingredient products.

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Where It All Started


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The team behind Rustic Elements came up with the idea of creating different soaps while trying to look for a new hobby. Sometimes, you accidentally stumble upon your destiny — and that was exactly the case with these owners. With a lot of research and experimentation, they learned that most of the typical soaps people buy are full of harsh ingredients and sulfates that aren’t actually healthy to use on the body. So, they had a mission — to create completely natural, low-ingredient products that would be gentle and healthy for people to use on their skin and would be better for the body to absorb. They created their first batch of soap on the floor of their apartment, which is now one of their most popular selling soaps, made with Olive Oil and now known as “Original Lavender.”

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What Makes Rustic Elements Unique


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Rustic Elements is 100% made in the United States, paraben-free, non-toxic, phthalates-free, BPA-free, cruelty-free, made for sensitive skin, and made with organic and vegan ingredients. The ingredients used in their soaps are ideal for treating skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. For most soaps that are sold on the market, chemicals are used to create the fragrance for the soap, but with Rustic Elements, you get a naturally scented soap that is made with essential oils for a calming and pleasing aroma.

Rustic Elements’ Products


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The Soap and Sugar Scrub Gift Set makes an amazing gift for a friend or family member — or even for yourself. The gift set contains three artisan handcrafted soap scents of charcoal detox, orange hibiscus, and rose. The gift set also contains a loofah and a wooden soap dish, as well as a lavender exfoliating scrub. You can also purchase the handcrafted and cold-pressed soaps individually, or purchase a three-pack of the soothing original lavender soap. No need to go to a spa when you can have one right at home.

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Check out Rustic Elements online to learn more about this Jersey City-based soap brand and its products.read more button

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