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All About Happy KiDDS Pediatric Dentistry in Hoboken

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Getting your child’s teeth cleaned might not always be the most fun experience {for you or them} but it definitely is important. Whether your child has a fear of the dentist or not, it’s extremely important to find a practice you trust, and that makes you and your little one comfortable. That’s where Happy KiDDS Pediatric Dentistry comes in, located at 100 Hudson Street in Hoboken. This dental office specializes in children, teens, and children with special needs all while in a comfortable, inviting, and you guessed it — happy — environment.

happy kidds pediatric dentistry

About Happy KiDDS Pediatric Dentistry

happy kidds pediatric dentistry hoboken

When adults walk in to Happy KiDDS, they’ll be transported back to a time when the most important things in life were to eat, sleep, and play. The office is colorful, happy, and warm, and it’s clear the doctors are happy to be there serving the patients. The practice focuses on the importance of dental hygiene and diet as well as dental checkups, and they make the experience fun and educational for both adults and children.  As far as the appointments go, the practice is structured so that there is a dedicated, ample time for each appointment {which means no overbooking + little to no wait time} — mamas + papas with active little ones will appreciate this. Hours are also super convenient as morning, after-school, and Saturday appointments are available.

Check out the office below:

happy kidds pediatric dentistry hoboken
happy kidds pediatric dentistry hoboken

Child’s First Dentist Visit

happy kidds pediatric dentistry hoboken

^^ This little cutie at the first dentist visit! 

According to Dr. Mindy, a child’s first dentist visit should be at 6 months old, but no later than 1 year old. During your child’s first dentist visit, the following will be reviewed:

– Proper use of systemic and topical fluoride

– Proper brushing technique

– Dietary habits

– Growth + development

– Use of thumb sucking + pacifier habits

– Bottle + nursing habits

If your child has bad thumb sucking, pacifier, and bottle habits — not to worry. The doctor will discuss a plan on when to discontinue these habits to avoid impact on the teeth. You will also learn how to ensure proper hygiene after feedings to avoid cavities {40% of children have dental cavities by the time they start kindergarten — so it’s important to take the steps to avoid them at all costs}.

The doctor will also go over how to prevent cavities, with tips such as:

Brush teeth as soon as they come in

Don’t put them to bed with a bottle

Avoid sugary beverages and juice {+ don’t eat gummy vitamins + dried fruits as they get older}

We all know that taking your child to the dentist isn’t always the easiest thing. They might cry, be super active and want to run around, or just make it impossible for the doctors to work with them. Luckily, the trained staff and doctors at Happy KiDDS know just how to handle the little ones, along with equipment in the rooms to help out, like TV screens with cartoons playing {pictured below}:

happy kidds pediatric dentistry hoboken

They also have tons of toys in the {V clean and sanitary, we might add} waiting room. In fact, in speaking with Dr. Mindy, she was very adamant about how the practice goes above and beyond to make sure that all of the toys, environment, and office and dental supplies are 100% sterilized, sanitized, sparkling, and ready for each patient. Of utmost importance when it comes to any office, but especially one working with children.

The Doctors 

happy kidds pediatric dentistry hoboken

Happy KiDDS is a female-owned practice, which we love. All doctors at Happy KiDDS are specialists in Pediatric Dentistry and are equipped + trained to treat all children, including special needs patients. Below is a list of doctors at Happy KiDDS:

About the Founder, Dr. Mindy Homer:

Dr. Mindy earned her Bachelor of Science Degree with an emphasis on child psychology and biology from the University of Miami. She earned her Doctorate of Dental surgery from Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine and earned her certificate of specialty in pediatric dentistry at the prestigious Columbia Presbyterian Children’s Hospital in New York City. Dr. Mindy maintains her affiliation with Columbia University by lecturing to the Pediatric dental residents.

In addition, she is an attending at Schneider’s Children’s Hospital, Long Island Jewish Medical Center. She instructs the residents, aids in honing their clinical skills and works with them to provide dental care to underserved children. The hospital recently honored Dr. Mindy with the “Attending of the Year Award” as recognition for her commitment to both the residents and patients. Her affiliations continue by actively participating in the Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the American Dental Association, the New York State Dental Association and the Nassau County Dental Society.

Other doctors at the practices include:

Dr. Vrutti Dave

Dr. Reesha Shah

Dr. Marcelle Meer

Learn more about the full dental team here.

All of the doctors we met during our visit were phenomenal, and so friendly/helpful. Truly — based on our visit, the glowing reviews online, and the overall vibe of the office catering to kids of all ages — it’s no doubt that your child’s teeth will be in very safe hands {is there a pun to be had here?} at Happy KiDDS Dental.

To make an appointment, Contact Happy KiDDS Pediatric Dentistry at (201) 420-6100 or njoffice@happykiddsdental.com.

This post is sponsored, but having been to Happy KiDDS and watched several teeth cleanings go down, we know it’s a top-notch spot.

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