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The Best Spots in Hoboken, Jersey City, + Beyond for Peace and Quiet

by Jenna Shulman
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The crisp fall air is calling our name as COVID-19 restrictions remain in place. With most of us spending way more time at home than ever before, it’s important to go outside and get some vitamin D before winter comes {cue the Game of Thrones references}. Living in a city, however, can make it challenging to get some quality time on your own without too many people around.

Well, you came to the right place as below are the top 10 best spots in Hoboken, Jersey City, and the surrounding areas to get some outdoor peace and quiet.

Stevens Institute of Technology {Castle Point Terrace, Hoboken}

 stevens institute tech hoboken

{Photo credit: @followstevens}

You’d be surprised how few people realize that a top-ranked STEM university is located right in the heart of Hoboken. And what many people don’t know is how beautiful, picturesque, and oddly peaceful the campus is. To see for yourself and get some quiet time, make your way to Castle Point Lookout. PS: you’ll find some of the best views in town here, too.

Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse {Frank Sinatra Drive, Hoboken}

hoboken cove boathouse

A beach and a city like Hoboken might not seem like a likely pairing, but the Mile Square is actually home to a small, sandy, beach-like area. If you walk over to Maxwell Place, you’ll find the Hoboken Kayaking Company adjacent to a small area of sand along the Hudson River. Sure, it’s no Jersey Shore, but you can still get that “dipping the sand beneath your toes” sort of feeling while hearing the waves crash.

Hoboken Pier Gazebo {Castle Point Skatepark, Hoboken}

gazebo hoboken

Just before the skatepark on Sinatra Drive, there is a charming gazebo right on the water. If you go early in the morning, you may be the only one inside and can absolutely get some peace and quiet while watching commuters engage in their morning rush to get to work on time or those going for an early morning run.

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Under the Viaduct {14th and Adams Street, Hoboken}

viaduct hoboken

For some seriously off-the-beaten-path secluded solitude, look no further than the Hoboken viaduct. The viaduct is the perfect hidden, quiet place that actually leads locals from Hoboken to Union City. And if you need some furry companions, there’s a dog park nearby as well.

The Monroe Center Walkway {720 Monroe Street, Hoboken}

monroe center walkway

{Photo credit: @monroe_center_hoboken}

If you head west to the Monroe Center and you’ll find some benches at the north end between the buildings that offer some lovely solitude for those in need of some downtime. While you’re there order a Shaka Bowl to go, make your way to the benches, and enjoy your meal alfresco.

Lincoln Harbor {Weehawken}

lincoln harbor sunset weehawken

For those in need of a brief, serene escape, get out of Hoboken and make your way to Weehawken to visit Lincoln Harbor. This area does not have a ton of foot traffic, but it does have some really great restaurants {that are open for outdoor dining}, and perfect views that can complement your peace and quiet.

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Lincoln Park West {West Side Avenue, Jersey City}

lincoln park tennis

If you’re looking for a change of pace to your normal running or walking routine, head to Lincoln Park West. There is a trail that runs for about a mile through a marsh in Lincoln Park in Jersey City and is perfectly serene for those in need of a minute to themselves.

Columbus Park Garden {9th-10th and Clinton Street, Hoboken}

columbus park garden

Before a day of Zoom meetings gets too hectic, stop by Columbus Park in the center courtyard by the fountain for an early morning period of relaxation. For some extra you-time, be sure to check out the lower garden for prime and seculded bench seating.

Picnic Tables {900 Madison Street, Hoboken}

shoprite picnic tables

Hidden on 11th street between Madison and Monroe are some seriously peaceful picnic tables perfect for an alfresco meal or to enjoy some much-needed alone time. The beautiful vines frame the tables and are a calming and private part of town.

The Weehawken Reservoir {Palisades Avenue, Weehawken}

weehawken new jersey history

Having opened five years ago, the Weekhawken Reservoir still remains a bit of a secret to visitors and locals alike. This 14-acre reservoir sits on the Palisades above the New Jersey entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel and features walking and running trails along the perimeter that are great for a calming walk or run.

Have you ever been to any of these spots? Do you have any other places to get some peace and quiet in Hoboken and/or the surrounding towns? Comment below!


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