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Inspo Everywhere: Some Fun Noellery Finds

by Genna
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Most locals know Noellery for their vast array of quality jewels and whimsical home decor, but just stepping inside the shop is an adventure in itself. With three locations, including Hoboken, Jersey City, and Montclair, Noellery is hard to miss and their massive and incomparable collection inside is like no other in the area. Aside from the tangible glitz and glamour, however, there is also a fun collection of products {through punny socks, motivational signs, and witty makeup bags} with life mantras to live by, or just add a little joy into everyday life. Read on to find out what wise words Noellery has to offer.

Noellery Makeup Fades

For all of the Hoboken girls rushing to Sephora, don’t forget about the precious Mexican dishes at Charritos and Orale. Current status: drooling.

Noellery Im Not Bossy Socks

There’s nothing wrong with being bossy… but we also like to think we’re a BOSS. These socks made us giggle and would make for an encouraging present for any “girl boss” in your life.

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This one tugs on our heartstrings a bit, especially in the current state of girl power in the country and focus on lifting up others. Life isn’t easy, but a friendly reminder to keep your chin up sure helps.

Noellery socks with sayings

Again, with the playful banter. A collection of these witty socks is bound to be a point of conversation, or bring each of us one step closer to being a comedian {or so we’d like to think #goals}.

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Noellery take time dish

In the end, life is more than just a collection of {happy, sad, bad, joyful, exciting} moments, but learning how to be yourself, being patient to enjoy your current situation, and looking forward to all that is to come is what is really important.

What’s your favorite mantra to find in Noellery? Let us know in the comments!

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