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All About My Hoboken Home {Premium Real Estate Business}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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The source of the worst migraines is probably house hunting, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s where My Hoboken Home saves the day {and the advil} — it’s a top-notch real estate business serving Hoboken and Jersey City that has some seriously competitive advantages to save you money when you buy, sell, or rent property. We’re talking saving up to $20K commission for sellers, professional listing photos taken care of for you, and other huge rebates. Plus: read below for a special deal they’re offering only through April.


A recent Hoboken renovation. Keep reading to see the gorg before and afters.

After spending years buying, renovating, and selling some homes, Josh and Courtney Royko realized that while the homeowner does much of the work when selling a home, the agent receives much of the money from the sale. So, they started My Hoboken Home together to change that process and to deliver unrivaled value when buying, selling, or renting homes in the area. With Hoboken Home, you’re getting rewarded for the hard work you’re putting in to sell or rent your home.

Trust that you’re in the best hands: Josh has an MBA and is a NJ and NY licensed agent who not only runs the sales and tech side of the business, but he also is the director of a large analytics group, so he knows how to get you the most for your money and will show you that he can with monthly blog content recapping market data and analysis {like this one here}. And Courtney runs the PR, marketing, advertising, and design side of the biz, so she’ll make your vision come to life when the right property needs a little remodeling to become your dream home. Goodbye stress, and hello extra savings so you can treat yourself to a nice vacay after the hard work is done. Here are the incentives you’ll get when you enlist Josh and Courtney to make your home dreams a reality:


While we don’t have to pay the real estate prices that New York City boasts, we do have some pretty steep prices living in the amazing area that we can call home {or where you’ll soon call home}. To help you out when making this huge financial investment, Josh offers a Buyer’s Rebate of 1% to 1.5% of the purchase price. For example, if you’re buying the typical 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom in Hoboken, you’re looking at savings of around $8,000-$12,000 {this is not a drill}. Josh will also use his hyper-local market analysis tool to make sure you’ve got the data and confidence to find the right property at the right price for you. They also have the connections to help you navigate financing, attorney review, inspection, and renovation planning. It’s truly a one-stop-shop.

Check out the amazingggg kitchen transformation:





Just like buying, selling is also a major task and financial decision. My Hoboken Home will help you maximize your property’s exposure with a crafted marketing plan just for you. Unlike with other agents, you’ll reap the reward with savings between $12K and $20K in commission on a standard 2 bedroom/ 2 bathroom condo in Hoboken. Bonus: for Sellers, they take care of professional photos, a virtual tour, MLS listing, hosted open houses, and custom social media marketing so you can relax and breathe. 

As for renting, they offer a 25% reduction on rental commissions, so even standard 2BR/2BA rental, you’ll save $350+.

And the backyard is breathtaking, too:




So no matter if you’re buying, selling, or renting, My Hoboken Home‘s goal is to take care of you, show you all the data to make the best decision, and get you the most for your money and help you out along the way — minus the rush or pushy tactics you often experience in the real estate industry. Want to take their Marketing Analytics Tool for a test run? You can check it out here to see what’s going on in the local market. Also keep tabs on Twitter and Facebook accounts to see what’s new on the market.

*Special Offer*

Their special offer for clients who schedule an initial consultation by 4/30/18 is free professional staging consultation and home styling by Karen Parziale of the Real Estate Staging Studio, which is also a local biz, when you buy or list your property.

Ready to list, buy, or rent your next dream home?

Contact Josh Royko, co-founder of MyHobokenHome.com, is a Hoboken-based, NJ-licensed Real Estate Agent with Elite Realtors of New Jersey, at 915-313-2720, email josh@myhobokenhome.com, or visit MyHobokenHome.com. 973-994-9009.

Josh Royko  is a Hoboken based, NJ licensed Real Estate Agent with Elite Realtors of New Jersey, 160 S Livingston Ave #208, Livingston, NJ 07039. (973) 994.9009.

*This post was sponsored, but we know you’ll be in the best hands.

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