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A Visit to Muñeca Mullins Studio in Hoboken

by Genna
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For anyone following local style ambassadors on Instagram, you’ll likely have run across Muñeca  {Danielle} Mullins in action. This big-time vintage stylist has a delightfully eccentric, unique, and exhilarating passion for style, and we’re excited to share a peek into her newest venture as Creative Director for Muñeca Mullins Studio, located at 51 Harrison Street – A504 in Hoboken.

muneca mullins studio hoboken

The Vision

After attending art school, the vision for starting the business that is now Muñeca Mullins Studio was to collect and create authentic and original things. “Muñeca Mullins started as a small personal collection that soon turned into a small booth [of clothing and accessories] at various markets,” Danielle shared with us about her latest venture. One event led to the next, and thanks to Instagram, her business has expanded into collaborations with local stylists, photographers, makeup artists, and other creative experts in the area.

The Space in Hoboken

muneca mullins hoboken

Danielle was born and raised in Hoboken, so making her mark in the Mile Square felt like a natural next step. Her studio is a multi-purpose space and showroom — used for everything from shopping to custom photo shoots.

Between partnerships with local businesses {such as Vintage on First and Mint Market} and inspirational women-focused empowerment meetups, it has become a space that focuses on benefitting others.

“When you’re in a business by yourself you’re your own motivator. It’s inspiring when other bloggers or people reach out, because everyone needs nourishment and support from others.”

The Daily Grind

muneca mullins studios hoboken

The day-to-day is hectic. As much as having a storefront is great, it’s also important to be venturing and purchasing to keep inventory full and fresh. From tri-state markets and driving to nearby towns to online buying, Muñeca has years of experience in finding what she is looking for in telling the story of her brand through inventory.

An unmissable staple in the studio is the giant dragon head purchased from a popular app called Offer Up. She admits, a crazy purchase, but a necessary item for her brand.

A typical week running the studio includes co-branded photoshoots on Sundays, plus two days a week scouting inventory and two days a week for markets: everything else is playing it by ear.

The Goods

muneca mullins studios hoboken

It’s a popular saying that clothing should be an investment, but prices at Muñeca Mullins Studios range to be accessible for everyone {and still are investment pieces}. Instead of collecting specific brands, Danielle researches up-and-coming designers and ultimately buys what she likes, in hope that it will speak to her clientele as well.

Instead of hearing “only you could pull that off” Danielle aims to help her visitors find themselves in the studio’s inventory. “I love to instill confidence in a person being her most fabulous self, in their own unique way.”

The Hunt For Vintage

Danielle notes that in searching for vintage goods, estate sales are key but also tricky to navigate. “The emotions are tense, and sellers are sensitive to selling their loved ones’ belongings,” she explains. Danielle carefully navigates the process of buying pieces by keeping in touch with the sellers {through styled pictures and open communication} to prove that she and the studio are caring for the items — a unique and personal touch for the business.

muneca mullins studio

A vintage World War II TomCat bomber jacket is one of the studio’s most beloved pieces {pictured above}. After finding this treasure on Craigslist {and venturing to a basement in Paterson to find said bomber}, Danielle listed it for sale at her pop-up booth at a vintage fair in Jersey City. As fate would have it, the granddaughter of the plane designer {that helped the US win the war} came to Danielle’s booth and recognized the jacket. “We had a moment that I hold near to my heart. Experiences like this are what inspires my business to find success.”

The Impact

muneca mullins studios hoboken

As important as it is to be profitable, Danielle’s main purpose is to help others. Currently, the studio is collaborating with the Hoboken Homeless Shelter, a place near to her heart, as her great-aunt volunteered there for many years.

The business motto is that no one can be a success on their own so they value the importance of opening up to others in order to thrive and find success. The business’ tie to Hoboken is strong, and Danielle has a keen ability to stay in touch with her connections through personalized communication to bridge the gap between many different business relationships.

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“The impact of Muñeca Mullins Studios is to be able to create an experience versus a product. We’re aimed at making people feel good and want to be a part of the impact.”

Get in Touch

Danielle’s website is launching this month and will include everything from e-commerce to articles and blog posts to put a face behind the brand. The website is planning to have the same happy, fun, and rejuvenating elements as the space. Currently, you can call {201-362-9944} to schedule time at the studio with her, and they look to extend into 8:00AM-5:00PM hours daily, coming soon.

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