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Mission 50: Offering a Fresh Coworking Space in Hoboken

by Ainsley Layland
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Among many things, the face of the workplace has drastically changed in the past year. The working community in Hoboken is no different — and with many still working from home, finding a new space to co-work is essential for concentration. A local solution to a non-traditional work space is Mission 50, the coworking venue in Southwest Hoboken. Formerly known as the Hoboken Business Center, the Mission 50 building located at 50 Harrison Street has a long history of serving business in the Greater New York area — and has a gorgeous new space for coworking. Keep reading to learn more about Mission 50 and the exclusive offer for Hoboken Girl readers.

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The Boutique Office for Local Entrepreneurs

Mission 50 is North Jersey’s leading coworking space. Whether you’re an independent professional, a mature enterprise, or anything in between, Mission 50 has flexible solutions for your business’s dynamic needs. The downtown Hoboken boutique office property offers a wide range of products from fairly traditional office space to open and private office accommodations for teams of 1 – 100+. The company was founded in 2011 by JDA CEO Greg Dell’Aquila. Along with Claire Pedulla, Director of Community, Dell’Aquila works to ensure clients enjoy a smooth-running process.

Mission 50 offers beautiful private offices to accommodate individuals and small teams, shared co-working spaces, fully customizable office spaces for your entire company, and virtual office options.

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Membership Plans: From Day Pass to Private Pod

Membership plans at Mission 50 are very flexible, from a single-day pass to a privacy pod, or a private office for 3 to 100 employees, you get dedicated access for 30 days, there is something that fits everyone at Mission 50.

Coworking Flex Single Day Pass: You get access Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM, including all public holidays. First-time customers will be charged an additional $20 Annual Membership Fee. 

Coworking Membership: Plus members get unlimited use of the coworking space for a full 30-day period including 24/7 secure access.

Dedicated Desk: Starting at $475/month you can enjoy a dedicated private desk for a 30-day period with 24/7 secure access to the office.

Privacy Pods & Privacy Offices: Starting from $850/month not only do you get 24/7 secure access to the building but you have a dedicated private space for 30 days. Mission 50 offers a wide range of private spaces to meet the needs of a team with three employees or a team of 100+.

Mission 50

Mission 50

According to Dell’Aquila, the best part of operating Mission 50 is seeing local entrepreneurs grow ideas into businesses.

“Nothing beats being able to meet a variety of people, who either own a business or work remotely and figuring out how Mission 50 can support them. One of the best parts of operating Mission 50 is meeting people with business ideas and watching it grow from an idea to a 10+ person company or from a 10 person company to a 100+ person company,” Dell’Aquila told Hoboken Girl. “This has happened right here at Mission 50 many times and is what makes me jump out of bed in the morning.”

While on-site you can enjoy free coffee and tea at the cafe, unlimited access to print, copy, scan, and fax machines, and the on-site daycare.

“We provide a communal and professional environment where individuals and businesses can focus their energy on doing their job and hopefully have some fun while they’re at it,” Dell’Aquila said. “I love providing a dynamic, productive space and staff who can support the success of our members here at Mission 50.”

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What to Expect at Mission 50

Mission 50 offers you the space to evolve without ever having to change your business address. It is not just a space for work: it is a community of professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs invested in making your business thrive. 

“As proud and active participants in the Hoboken Business Alliance and Chamber of Commerce, Mission 50 has the tools, knowledge, and experience to help you grow and scale your business,” Dell’Aquila mentioned. “Our vision is to create a truly experiential, community-centered workplace comprised of both coworking and private offices.”

Members at Mission 50 have access to everything from virtual offices (starting at $79/month) and day passes (starting at $25/day) to open coworking seating and private office spaces for teams of 1 to 100+ people. The built-in flexibility at Mission 50 allows it to support a wide range of tenants and members and sets it apart from other coworking locations.

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The Mission 50 building is located at 50 Harrison Street in Hoboken. You can call 201-748-2139 with questions or CLICK HERE to reserve office space. Don’t forget to mention Hoboken Girl when you sign up to receive a $100 gift card for any commitment through July 31st.

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