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We’re Obsessed with MEGA, Jersey City’s ½ Treadmill ½ Megaformer Workout

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Group fitness classes are in high demand more now than ever as people have been inspired to make physical health a priority. Hudson County native, Kyra Huxel, founded MEGA JC in 2021 and along with a small team of expert trainers, guides high-intensity workout classes every day that challenge students of every fitness level. Keep reading to learn more about MEGA JC and to learn about classes you (and a friend) can take.

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The Lagree Method™ Workout

When it comes to gyms in Hudson County, MEGA JC sets itself apart from the rest by providing one of the most efficient workout modalities in the industry called the Lagree Method. This method combines resistance training with core-strengthening exercises and cardio training. The slow movements of the Lagree Method aim to activate fat-burning muscles while improving flexibility.

The Classic Mega-Stride class combines 25 minutes on the patented and exclusive MEGAFORMER EVO, which is the newest on the market, with 25 minutes of the Skillrun 5000, the most advanced treadmill by Technogym. This full-body workout is designed to enhance cardiovascular endurance including boosting muscular strength, challenging muscular endurance, and training dynamic core stability. Classes using only the MEGAFORMER are available as well.

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Kyra Huxel, Founder of MEGA JC

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While the classes are engaging and challenging, Kyra says it’s the community that makes running MEGA JC worth it.

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“The method and machines are my passion, but the friendships built are what make it worth it,” Kyra told Hoboken Girl. “The ability to connect daily with the MEGA community and really build such a warm environment with love, laughs, and sweat is truly what makes teaching two to five classes each day, seven days a week, possible.”

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Group Fitness Classes Are in High Demand

The mission at MEGA is to cultivate an inclusive, supportive, community-focused workout to recharge, challenge, and ultimately transform the body and mind.

“We merge top of the line fitness machines and technology to give our clients the most effective workout, designed to test both physical and mental limits while fostering a non-judgmental environment for all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels,” Kyra told Hoboken Girl.

Following the social isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for fitness classes is on the rise.

“The fitness community took a huge hit during the pandemic but is now having a huge comeback. Group fitness is in demand more now than ever as people are inspired and excited to meet new friends, try new things, and workout together,” Kyra said. “A part of the MEGA mission is our commitment to our team. We strive to create an accountable, inspired, energizing, and supportive environment for clients and team members alike.”

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Classes + Packages at MEGA JC

Through the end of the year Hudson County fitness enthusiasts can hop into class with one of the following class packs:

Class Pack Deals Available till 12/31:

  • 2 Class Pack for $76 ($38/class) BOGO for first timers
  • 5 Classes for $150    ($30/class)
  • 10 Classes for $280 ($28/class)
  • 20 Classes for $500  ($25/class)

The most popular packages at MEGA JC are the BOGO and 20-class pack because that’s where you get the most out of each class. Monthly class packages and memberships will be launched in January 2022.

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“While the results of MEGA are incredible, I want my clients to leave feeling successful, challenged, inspired, and confident. It’s about the smiles and hugs after class for me, and all the amazing friendships that have blossomed in our space,” Kyra shared. “As a client, I immediately fell in love with the MEGAFORMER. There was never a day I didn’t dream of my Mega, and attending classes was always my personal therapy. To this day I explain to people the beauty of the method – it never gets easier, it’s always challenging, but after you feel like you’ve conquered the universe.”

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MEGA JC is located at 150 Bay Street, Second Floor in Jersey City. You can call 201-420-7870 or email [email protected] with questions.

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