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Lukin Center for Psychotherapy: Personalized Mental Health Care

by Morgan Gertler
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Maintaining your mental health is the cornerstone of true self-care. The daily stresses of life can take a toll on how you feel mentally and emotionally. While talking to friends and enjoying a quiet evening on the couch can definitely aid in making you feel better, sometimes you need a little more than that. The Lukin Center for Psychotherapy is a family-owned psychotherapy practice with offices in Hoboken, Jersey City, Ridgewood, Englewood, and Clifton, and the team provides evidence-based therapy and treats patients of all ages with an individualized approach.

Hoboken Girl readers can get a free phone consultation when mentioning ‘Hoboken Girl’ so that you can take the first step to better mental health without any commitment. Keep reading to learn all about the Hoboken-based Lukin Center and the therapy services offered.

therapy hoboken jersey city

The Lukin Center for Psychotherapy was established in 2012 by Dr. Konstantin Lukin and Dr. Paula Yanes-Lukin and has expanded to become the largest psychotherapy practice in the area. The husband and wife duo opened the first office in Hoboken and have since opened a larger office in downtown Hoboken just last year.

Welcome Dr. Seth Mandel to the Lukin Center

The Lukin Center is excited to welcome Seth Mandel, MD, MBA to the practice. Dr. Mandel received his Bachelor of Arts and Doctor of Medicine degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and completed his residency in psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan, collaborating with and providing direct supervision to social workers, psychologists, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners as well as resident and attending physicians. He has had many clinical and academic roles, most recently serving as Chairperson of Psychiatry at Huntington Hospital in Huntington, New York, and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine.

therapy hoboken jersey city

Recently, Dr. Mandel left academic medicine to focus on what he loves most — which is working directly with patients. He co-founded and helped expand MMHW Psychiatry, a private psychiatry practice in Midtown Manhattan. While there, he shifted treatment plans away from the traditional medical model of mental health care to provide a more holistic model of care. This type of treatment considers the entire person — both body and mind. Rather than viewing mental health care solely as the treatment of mental illness, he emphasizes a comprehensive approach to prevention and mental well-being.

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When discussing what he enjoys most about this word, Dr. Mandel told us, ”I enjoy working very closely with medical providers as well as psychotherapists and practitioners of other healing modalities such as nutrition, yoga, and acupuncture. Through these other eclectic approaches, I can achieve the best possible outcome for all the patients I work with.”

Dr. Mandel is continually seeking new ways to streamline complex pharmaceutical administration and recently completed a fellowship in integrative and functional psychiatry. This discipline uses laboratory analysis to evaluate and treat underlying contributing issues which may include nutritional deficiencies, food allergies, infections, toxicities, and genetic disorders.

Dr. Mandel is excited to be collaborating with the clinicians at Lukin Center for Psychotherapy. Patients who work with Dr. Mandel are able to be prescribed medications if needed, adding another layer of care to their work with him.

He hopes to utilize his many years of experience and diverse skillset to help all his patients achieve optimal mental health and wellness.

The Philosophy at the Lukin Center for Psychotherapy

The team believes that the doctor-patient relationship is the number one key to creating effective, individualized treatment plans. And even as the practice has grown, Dr. Lukin still personally matches every new patient with the clinician that has the best mix of skills, training, and personality for that individual patient. “I feel this is one of the most important factors in helping patients work toward their mental health and personal growth goals, and it aids in developing a meaningful, productive relationship with a professional you can like and trust,” Dr. Lukin shared about his process.

therapy hoboken jersey city

Every treatment modality offered at the Lukin Center for Psychotherapy is evidence-based and proven through extensive research. And with a hand-picked team of multidisciplinary professionals and specialists, the services are not your typical “sit and vent” kind of sessions — Lukin Center patients get comprehensive, high-quality treatment, no matter which doctor or clinician they work with.

Therapy Services

Choosing a therapist can feel like playing a game of chance — from figuring out treatment types to understanding the difference between an MSW, LCSW, Ph.D., and PsyD — it can be overwhelming to find the best provider for your needs. That’s why the Lukin Center created an environment where patients don’t have to go through that process of guesswork.

therapy hoboken jersey city

They have a large list of psychotherapy services, many of which can be hard to come by at other practices. The Lukin Center is able to treat patients in a multitude of ways, including:

  • – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • – Dialectic Behavioral Therapy
  • – Emotional Focused Therapy for couples
  • – Provide Neuropsych Evaluations
  • – Tele-Therapy
  • – Medication Management

The Lukin Center also sees couples, children, and adolescents, and have specialists who deal with men’s issues, so no matter your age, life status, or current issue, there is a professional at the Lukin Center who can help. The practice is now offering medication management as an option for treatment. Patients can work with their provider to decide the best course of treatment, whether it’s evidenced-based psychotherapy alone, medication alone, or a combination.

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Contact + Free Phone Consultation

Making the commitment to share personal information and life issues can be hard, which is why Dr. Lukin is offering our readers a free phone consultation to help interested patients figure out which type of therapy service and doctor would be the best fit for your current needs. Just mention Hoboken Girl when calling the office.

The Lukin Center for Psychotherapy has five convenient locations for patients to be seen:

  • – Hoboken:
    (201) 577-4869
    80 River Street, Suite #302
  • – Jersey City:
    (201) 577-8124
    277 Grove Street, Suite #202
  • – Ridgewood:
    (551) 427-2458
    20 Wilsey Square
  • – Clifton:
    (973) 787-4470
    1111 Clifton Avenue, Suite #202
  • – Englewood
    (201) 403-1284
    60 Grand Avenue, Suite #104

You can call (917) 903-1901 for an appointment, email DrLukin@LukinCenter.com, or fill out this form on their website.


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