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NJ Acupuncture Center Debuts Its Hydrafacial Machine

by Hoboken Girl Team
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If you strive to get Insta-worthy, seemingly poreless, dewy skin, you’re not alone. {Guilty as charged over here!} Finding the right skincare brands, products, and routine can take more time + money than most of us have to offer. And, it can be hard to find a facial that does exactly what you need without breaking the bank or taking up half your Saturday. {Feeling triggered? Us too.} Well, NJ Acupuncture Center is now offering the HydraFacial — a three-step, 30-minute facial that is perfect for all skin types. The HydraFacial does three things that all healthy skin needs: cleanses, extracts, and hydrates. Basically, it’s the perfect facial for everyone with, well, skin. 

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The HydraFacial Treatment Process


The treatment only takes 30 minutes from beginning to end {quicker than most work calls} and it uses state of the art “vortex fusion technology” + super serums that are crafted with the most nourishing ingredients. The spiral design of HydroPeel® Tips, used with the HydraFacial proprietary vacuum technology + serums creates a vortex effect that easily dislodges and removes impurities while simultaneously delivering hydrating skin solutions.

The three-step process is not only quick but also well-rounded, giving your skin everything needs to have a radiant glow. First, the skin is gently exfoliated, revealing a smoother, cleaner surface. Then it’s thoroughly cleansed and debris is {painlessly} suctioned from the skin and given a nourishing treatment of intensive moisturizers. Lastly, clients receive a VIP treatment of antioxidants, peptides, and other glow-inducing serums that leave you looking fresh + vibrant.

The HydraFacial addresses all skincare needs, including:

  • Fine lines + wrinkles
  • Elasticity + firmness
  • Even tone + texture
  • Brown spots
  • Oily + congested skin
  • Enlarged pores

What It Treats


The HydraFacial is a one-stop-shop for virtually all skincare goals {or let’s be real, problems} you have or continue to face, including:

  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Elasticity + firmness
  • Improved texture
  • Brown spots
  • Tone
  • Vibrancy
  • Cleansing oily + congested skin
  • Minimizing the appearance of pores

What to Expect After Treatment


^HG founder Jen getting the treatment

Immediately following the treatment clients can resume a normal daily routine. You can even put on makeup right after, though your glow will probably be enough. Results are visible in skin tone + texture after the first treatment, but like most worthwhile skincare, consistency is always recommended. NJ Acupuncture recommends one treatment a month to best help to reduce fine lines + wrinkles, brown spots + sunspots, and improve congested skin. 30 minutes a month will create your healthiest skin yet – hydrated, fresh, and smooth.

Here’s the after, about 24 hours later, resting b face not included:


^Yes, there’s makeup and a low-grade IG filter on this pic, but what a difference!

About NJ Acupuncture Center

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NJ Acupuncture Center opened locations in Jersey City + Bayonne in 2016, offering the communities holistic wellness through acupuncture, cupping, massage, CBD therapy, Cryo slimming, and now HydraFacials. From pain management to infertility to stress relief and weight loss, NJ Acupuncture Center provides exceptional results by fusing western practices with modern advances in eastern medicine. 

Owner and lead acupuncturist, Ani Baran, L.ac truly loves her job and says the best part of is how, “I get to help others become pain-free, assist in their pregnancy goals, manage their stress, using all different treatments but the end result is a side-effect-free therapy for their concerns. Most rewarding to Ani is helping couples achieve their fertility goals through supportive acupuncture. “I love being able to be part of their journey through a very special time.” While many people are apprehensive to try acupuncture for the first time, Ani says, “Once you give it a try you’ll never want to stop! It’s an amazing feeling, your body being recharged and reenergized, you’ll always want to feel that way!”

Schedule Your HydraFacial Treatment

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Contact NJ Acupuncture Center by calling 201-668-0343 or emailing info@njacupuncturecenter.com to book your HydraFacial and customized skincare consultation.

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This post is sponsored by NJ Acupuncture Center.

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