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Team HG Gets IV Hydration Therapy at Dr. Park Avenue

by Jennifer Tripucka
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A few months back, we shared about Dr. Park Ave, Hoboken’s very own full service medical cosmetic enhancement center and its new location in town {80 River Street, 4th Floor}. But besides cryotherapy, botox, PRP, liposuction, and other enhancements they offer, there’s a whole new set of treatments offered: IV Drip Therapy Treatments. The HG team was lucky enough to get to come in to try out the Beauty IV — see below for our experience, as told by four of the ladies on our team:

dr park ave hoboken

About the IV Hydration Treatments

At Dr. Park Avenue, all IV hydration services include 1 liter of hydrating fluid as a base — and there are 6 different types of therapy combos to choose from {with each having its own specific job}.


This is the fastest way to combat dehydration and refresh for a natural, healthy glow. To detox, pair it with Glutathione.


Of course, for glowing skin, healthy hair, and strong nails is what this one is for. This beauty enhancing drip will help you feel your best. It comes with B complex, vitamin C, and glutathione. If you want more of an effect, add B12 for energy or some Lipo-C to speed metabolism and help with weight loss.


This one speaks for itself. All fitness fanatics who do some serious wear + tear on their body should deserve this. It is loaded with a high dose of amino acids, which increase and maintain performance endurance. Add Tri-Amino for a pre-workout boost or BCAA for a post workout to speed muscle recovery.


Trying to feel just overall better? This is a little help with relaxation and focusing. The vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are key to balance mood and stress. Also included are magnesium, calm injection, and B complex. Further the effect with Glutathione for a body detox and rid your built up toxins.

Sick Drip

So, if you’re a bit under the weather and need that immune boost, this is the drip you need. It will revive the body quickly so you won’t miss a beat in your daily life. It comes with a high dose of vitamin C, zinc, and vitamin B complex. Adding Glutathione will detox and help you heal naturally. Adding Toradol is great for a headache, while Zofran helps ease nausea.

Party Recovery

Well, you may have partied a bit too much the night before and need that little boost to pick you up. Regain strength, get rid of discomfort, and feel re-energized after all the fun. It includes medication to eliminate nausea and headache. Glutathione added to this will help detox the liver and rid the hangover faster.

But enough about the different options — on to the actual treatment of the team. First things first, we arrived and were greeted with this spread {+ Friends on the TV via Netflix!}:


dr park ave hoboken girl

Light refreshments and a TV channel of your choice = definite perk aka pass the Milanos.

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Before thoughts from the team:

Maggie: I was really nervous beforehand; I’m definitely a baby when it comes to needles and had some bad experiences with IVs, but Christina had such a gentle touch and it honestly felt like nothing going in! I was so pleasantly surprised. The Bandaid coming off hurt more than anything else.
Kate: Before the treatment, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Needles aren’t my favorite thing so I was a bit nervous about that. But, even more so I was a little apprehensive about getting an IV for a non-medical reason. Thankfully, Christina was very thorough in explaining that the treatment is totally safe and is basically like taking vitamins, but more effective because they go directly into the bloodstream. 
Michelle: Nervous about the needle part, as I don’t usually associate needles with wellness. Deep breathing and chit chat definitely helped. Christina put me at ease with conversation and skillful touch!
dr park ave

Michelle + Maggie getting ready for their treatments

Jen: Because I have a heart condition, I had to call my cardiologist who gave me the green light since all of the ingredients in the drip are all-natural and supplements. Woooo!
park ave dr

Jen getting the IV Drip

During thoughts from the team:

Maggie: I felt pretty comfortable during the procedure. My arm became slightly numb after a while of being in the same position, so I had to keep reminding myself to move my fingers and get some blood flowing. The ambiance and distractions in the room made it feel like I was just relaxing and hanging out.
Kate: During the treatment, I felt pretty relaxed. The office is set up with Netflix and comfy chairs so you can relax while undergoing the treatment. I felt a little sleepy, which was surprising since I’ve never actually been calm while getting an IV. My arm felt a little cold during the treatment. Christina explained that’s because the vitamin injections are refrigerated so when they’re added to the IV it literally becomes colder. Overall, it was a lot of fun to hang with the HG team and the Dr. Park Ave staff. I definitely encourage people to bring a friend so you can chat during the hour or so that you’re there.
Michelle: Was a little shaky, but once the needle was in I eased up a bit. The ambiance helped – funny television show, Milano cookies, and a scented candle made me feel at home!
Jen: Doing it in a group was ideal — it’s easy to forget you’re in an office and sitting with an IV in your arm when there are cookies + Netflix on the TV. Plus, Christina was so great and patient, working hard to make us feel comfortable and relaxed.

dr park ave

Post-treatment 1 day after thoughts:

Maggie: Afterward I felt energized. I didn’t notice an immediate difference other than that, but when I woke up the next morning my skin felt and looked moisturized and glowing! Definitely noticed a difference there. I would definitely do this before an important event because the results in my skin were definitely worth it.
Kate: As promised, that night I had to pee a lot {not sure if that’s TMI}, but after being pumped up with fluids that’s understandable. The next day I didn’t feel super different but felt energized throughout the day despite not getting much sleep the night before, which usually makes me feel super tired. I noticed the biggest difference in my skin. I felt super glowy and soft and feel like my face looks brighter. I would definitely do this again and imagine that the more you do it, the more you see results. 
Michelle: I definitely had an energy boost and ended up doing laundry and meal prepping at 10:00PM. Also noticed my skin felt a bit clearer the next day.
Jen: It mayyy have been in combo with my spray tan, but I also felt SO glowy and super refreshed and rejuvenated. I feel like if I did this on a regular basis, I would be glowing like crazy. And of course, a little Ross + Rachel wouldn’t hurt.
FYI, pricing for the drips range between $120-$150, and B12 shots are $30 each {discounted at $10 for the summer}. Add-ons range from $15-30. Perfect for a pre-event glow {or post-event hangover helper}.

So after all of this info, if you’ve been thinking about IV drips {or Botox/fillers or anything else cosmetic}, you can contact Dr. Park Avenue here or call their office at 201-942-9292 to get more information. If you’re ready to commit, mention Hoboken Girl for 15% off any 1 filler.

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Have you tried Botox? How did it go?

*This post is sponsored by Dr. Park Avenue, but several team members that have gone under the “needle” and swear by the practice. #nojudgment*

Would you try out any of these IV drips? Let us know in the comments below!

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