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Hudson County Eviction Prevention Program Details — Applications Open Through 9/2

by Victoria Marie Moyeno
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Hudson County has created several programs to help disperse the funds that it has received from the federal government under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. The rental assistance program will assist those who have fallen behind on rent as a result of COVID-19. The program will be open from Monday, August 24, 2020, at 8:00AM through Wednesday, September 2, 2020, at 5:00PM.

All residents are strongly encouraged to apply through the online portal. Assistance will be provided for those who need it. Residents can call 201-395-4799 for more information or questions.

The application link and additional details will be found on the County’s CARES website.

The program flyer and guidelines are linked here, in English and Spanish.

cares eviction program flyer

Things to Know

No one may be removed from their home for an inability to pay rent during the COVID-19 emergency.

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Executive Order 106, suspends evictions throughout the state, meaning no tenant may be removed from his or her home as a result of an eviction proceeding, with rare exceptions for cases such as when a tenant is violent or endangering other tenants.

The eviction moratorium does not halt court proceedings; instead, it prevents lockouts and removals. The New Jersey Supreme Court controls court proceedings related to eviction and has suspended all eviction proceedings for now. This means that your landlord cannot take you to court at this time, but they will be able to once the courts reopen.

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The eviction moratorium will last until two months after Governor Murphy declares an end to the COVID-19 health crisis unless the Governor issues another Executive Order to end it sooner. If you have additional questions regarding the eviction moratorium please use the state’s Q&A form here: https://covid19.nj.gov/forms/renter.

If your landlord is trying to force you from your home, please:

  • If the removal is imminent, call the police.
  • If the removal is not imminent, please contact legal services here.

Program Overview

The CARES Act Eviction Prevention program will provide up to 6 months of back rent for households who have fallen behind as a result of COVID-19. Applicants must complete the online application and include all required attachments. Alternatively, physical locations and a phone number will be made available for those unable to apply online. Funds will be provided directly to the landlord.

Please note that this application is open to all Hudson County with the exception of residents from Bayonne that should contact BEOF at 201-437-7222 for assistance.

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Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be a Hudson County Resident (with the exception of Bayonne residents who should contact BEOF at 201-437-7222 for assistance).
  • Must show the need for rental assistance is due to COVID-19. Households must certify that they lack other resources to prevent an eviction. Households will be required
    to use unrestricted cash assets in excess of $2,500 to assist in paying arrears.
  • Must have been current on rent as of March 1, 2020.
  • Must document the ability to pay rent after assistance is provided. This can be documented through employment, unemployment benefits, and/or documentation of imminent return to work. In part, sustainability will be determined if a household is paying less than 50% of gross income as rent.
  • Household income must fall below 80% AMI:

cares prevention act hudson county

Required Documentation

  • Current Income Documentation
  • Copy of Lease
  • Copy of Court Summons or Notice to Quit (if applicable)

Rent Arrears

Up to 6 months of rental assistance can be provided. Rent should not be more than 50% of gross income.

The first eligible month is April 2020.

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Duplication of Benefits

Applicants must certify that they have not received any other rental assistance for the same months covered under this program. Households with a housing voucher will first be assisted to complete a rent recalculation before assistance is provided. Landlords must also certify that they have not received grant funding from other sources to cover back rent.

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