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How to {DIY} Your Own Holiday Wreath

by Michelle Pulman
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Wreaths are one of the most popular decorative accents for the holidays. Take a look at any online retailer and you’ll find a ton of different varieties to choose from. But as gorgeous as they are, wreaths can also be expensive {and often don’t last for more than a few weeks}. So, why spend upwards of $75 on a wreath, when you can DIY your very own wreath?!

What you’ll need:

  • 1 wreath {Michael’s sells them for only $5! Seriously. $5! And, they come in a ton of sizes. I chose this one.}
  • 1 bunch of faux flowers {you can find them at any craft store; pick whatever you like best and will match your decor}
  • Pinecones {go on and grab a few from outside; they don’t have to be perfect}
  • 1-2 bunches of fresh flowers {whatever is in season at the market}
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors


Thankfully, the hardest part {creating the actual wreath} is already done for you and it barely cost you any money. Take the wreath and lay it flat on a table. Then, grab your faux flowers and snip off some of the branches/buds with the scissors.



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Start laying the faux flower stems around the perimeter of the wreath. You want it to look natural, so weave the flowers in and out of the wreath “branches” so the flowers appear to be popping out in clusters. Once you’re happy with the arrangement of the flowers, use a few drops of hot glue to secure them in place. Voila:

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Tip: place the flowers all around the wreath before you begin gluing; this will ensure that you’re happy with the placement and will result in a more natural-looking wreath. Plus, it gluing everything at once will allow you to complete the project much faster. 

Next, grab your pinecones and place them in a few clusters along the wreath. I like to put them in clusters of 2-3, but it will really depend on the size of the pinecones that you use. There’s no wrong way to arrange them, so just place the pinecones in a way that you’re happy with. Then use a few drops of glue to secure each pinecone in place. {if you hate pinecones, feel free to skip this step entirely}. Your wreath should look like this:


Now I’ll admit that this wreath is now beautiful enough to hang as-is, but the really fun part is ahead. The last thing left to do is to take the fresh flowers you’ve bought and to arrange them around your wreath. Cut the stems long enough so they can be woven into the branches and stay put. Since these flowers are fresh, you don’t want to glue them down.

Here’s a close-up of some fresh flowers that I chose to add in:


If you picked up two different kinds of flowers, add the second to the wreath in the same way (again, not gluing it down). What you’re left with is a beautiful {and affordable!} wreath that brightens your home:


The best part? Since the fresh flowers aren’t glued down, you can replace them with new {and different} flowers as soon as they begin to wilt. This allows you to easily change up your decor and customize the wreath for each and every upcoming holiday {think Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve…}.

Below are just a few ways that I styled my wreath. As you can see, the possibilities are endless — and the wreath even looks great on its own {for those weeks when you can’t make it down to the flower market}.





What do you think?! We’d love to see what you guys create so tweet us or tag us in your pics {@HobokenGirlBlog}. And for more DIY and design inspiration, check out Michelle’s design blog at GirlontheHudson.com.

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